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Superheat Item
File:Superheat Item icon.png
Members only? No
Level 43
Runes 1 Nature
4 Fire
Spellbook Normal
Experience 53
Quest None
Lectern None
A player casts Superheat Item with the current animation.
A player casts Superheat Item before the graphical update of 1 July, 2008.

Superheat Item is a non-combat Magic spell used to smelt ore without a furnace. It can be used by both free and member players. While wielding a fire, lava, or steam staff, it takes one nature rune per cast. There is no cast-x option and each cast transforms one bar. Noted ores cannot be superheated. The same amount of coal is used when superheating as used when smelting the same type of bar in a furnace.

To cast superheat item on a bar, same smithing level required to smelt the bar using a furnace is needed. For example, level 50 smithing is required to superheat a mithril bar, and level 85 smithing is required to superheat a runite bar. Each cast gives 53 magic experience plus the smithing experience for smelting the bar.

Superheat item guarantees 100% success for smelting Iron ore into an Iron bar.

Superheat item can be used to smelt gold and silver bars as well as regular metal bars that can be made into armour. You cannot make jewellery with Superheat item, however. To get the full 56.2 smithing experience per ore from superheating gold ores, you must be wearing Goldsmithing gauntlets.


Casting at mines

Superheat item is sometimes used when mining coal and either iron, mithril, or adamantite. Superheat item can free up inventory space by using up coal to create bars. Eventually, a near-full inventory of bars can be banked.

Players also sometimes mine gold at the Living Rock Caverns and superheat it while mining.

Casting at a bank

Superheat item can be useful to cast at a bank to train magic and smithing. Ores are repeatedly withdrawn, superheated, then the bars banked.

Superheat item can be cast 1 per 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds), which is much faster than High Level Alchemy, which takes 5 game ticks (3.0 seconds) per cast. Although High Level Alchemy gives more magic experience per cast, it is possible to gain more magic experience per hour superheating iron or gold than by high alching.

Superheating at a bank, it is possible to use Superheat item to smelt approximately 1800 iron bars per hour, 1800 gold bars per hour, 1300 mithril bars per hour, 1100 adamant bars per hour, or 1100 runite bars per hour. 1800 gold bars per hour would be 95,400 magic experience and 101,200 smithing experience. Rates are subject to change from person to person.

Some players consider superheating at a bank to be too expensive due to the cost of the nature runes, while other players consider the cost to be worth the fast experience in two skills.


Costs of making bars

The data in this table is based on the current Grand Exchange prices. It is accurate assuming all the ore and nature runes are bought from the Grand Exchange and the bar is sold afterwards. However, profit can be made by several ores if you mine them yourself, make bank runs, and then superheat all of them at once at the GE. That way you can sell the bars as you go if you choose and use part of the money to buy new nature runes (you should already have a staff of fire equipped).

Type of bar Material cost Profit Profit / Magic xp Profit / Smithing xp
Bronze Coins  435 Coins  -122 Coins  -2.3 Coins  -19.52
Iron Coins  438 Coins  -43 Coins  -0.81 Coins  -3.44
Steel Coins  976 Coins  -19 Coins  -0.36 Coins  -1.09
Gold Coins  545 Coins  -437 Coins  -8.25 Coins  -7.78
Mithril Coins  1,595 Coins  -5 Coins  -0.09 Coins  -0.17
Adamantite Coins  3,033 Coins  -49 Coins  -0.92 Coins  -1.31
Runite Coins  19,612 Coins  88 Coins  1.66 Coins  1.76


A player "splashing" with Superheat Item, a result of the spell being attempted on a non-ore item.
  • Even though the name is given as "Superheat ITEM", the target of the spell is allowed to be ores only.
  • A graphical glitch may occur when using this spell multiple times in a row in which the 'heating' animation occurs, without the player moving their arms. This glitch is prevalent in many other manually-operated, repeatable spells including high level alchemy and jewellery enchants.
  • The name Superheat Item is a misnomer because in physics, superheating is the phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its boiling point, without boiling. Technically smelting an ore into a refined form does not superheat the item.
  • You cannot Superheat Coal.
  • When you cast Superheat, it will make the highest level bar available. For example, when you cast Superheat Item on Iron ore while you have 2 Coal in your inventory, it will only produce a Steel bar NOT an Iron bar. However, if you only have an Iron ore in your inventory, it will automatically produce an Iron bar.

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