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Superglass Make
File:Superglass make.png
Members only? Yes
Level 77
Runes 10 Air
6 Fire
2 Astral
Spellbook Lunar
Experience 78
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Lectern None
A player casting the Superglass Make spell.

Superglass Make turns all sets of the two ingredients for glass into Molten glass instantly and without the need of a furnace. A set consists of:

Note: Kelp must be ashed first, Lunar magic will not combine raw kelp with sand.

Unlike when making molten glass normally, the buckets are not returned to the player after glass has been made - the entire bucket of sand and seaweed/swamp weed/soda ash are consumed to randomly produce either 1 or 2 pieces of molten glass. On average, each set will produce 1.30 pieces of molten glass whereas regular molten glass crafting will only produce 1.00 pieces. Please note that the spell only works on PAIRS of ingredients.

A maximum of 13 pairs of ingredients can be converted per spell. To do this, the player must wield an Staff of air (or equivalent staff that provides free air runes), while having in inventory the 13 sets of ingredients, the fire runes for the spell, and the astral runes for the spell. This will produce a long-term average of 16.9 pieces of molten glass per cast. Using this spell to create molten glass can simultaneously train the magic and crafting skills for significant profit.


The average profit per cast is 1,322 coins (assuming seaweed, buckets of sand and runes are bought, molten glass is sold (at a ratio of 1.33 glass for every set of sand and seaweed), while wielding an air rune supplying staff).

Superglass Make costs 572 coins per cast, 452 if an Air staff is equipped and 542 coins if a Fire staff is equipped.

Maximising Speed

The use of mousekeys can nearly double the number of casts you can do in an hour. Your mousekeys should be set 1 notch below max, and your pointer speed should be 2 notches below max. Your sand and seaweed should be on top of each other in your bank. Make sure to have the ctrl button held down, whether physically, or with stickykeys. Assuming you have seaweed on the bottom of your stack, right click on it, and press 2. Left click, and press 8, then right click, press 2, and left click. This is the fastest possible way to withdraw 2 items, and it can shave whole seconds off your banking. Place your stack next to the "Deposit All" feature if you use a full bank (A full bank can speed up your banking by over a second, so it is definitely worth getting a full bank, even just for this spell).

Using all these tricks can get you up to about 600 casts per hour, but if you're fairly fast you'd probably get 500-550 casts p/hr.

Maximising experience

While making molten glass using superglass make gives less crafting experience per set of ingredients than when made in a furnace, it produces more pieces of molten glass. As such, Beer glasses, Candle lanterns and Oil lamps all give less experience when crafted via superglass make due to the small amount of experience gained in glassblowing, while all other crafted glass objects give more experience via superglass make.

Remember, you cannot use normal Magic or Ancient Magicks spells if you are using Lunar Magicks, except by use of the Spell Book Swap spell.

As with all Lunar Magic spells, the Lunar Diplomacy quest must be completed to cast this spell.


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