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Image:Quote1.png Don't lose your head, Tana, after all, it would be... unfortunate if anything happened to Superboy's girlfriend. Image:Quote2.png
-- Amanda Spence

Appearing in "Game, Set, and Match - The Evil Factory Pt 5 of 5"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Point Men
  • Blank Slate
  • Blockade
  • Grey Lady
  • Groundswell
  • Serpenteen
  • Short Cut

Other Characters: All of the heroes affected by the "Sins of Youth" storyline make behind the scenes appearances only

  • Old Justice
  • Lee St. Lawrence
  • Mrs. Avilia




Synopsis for "Game, Set, and Match - The Evil Factory Pt 5 of 5"

Following along the "Sins of Youth" storyline, most of the DC super-hero community was gathered in Washington, D.C. and through the machinations of the Contessa and Klarion, the ages of everyone became reversed (the young super-heroes were suddenly adults and the old were kids or teenagers). The only one that was not affected was Superboy since his aging process was stunted. However, there were apparently some other side effects, since Superboy is suddenly wracked with great pain. Match, Superboy's evil clone, is on hand and disguised at the Kid himself. When he realizes that Cadmus has fallen, he takes off for there straight away. Agenda troops that are on hand try to contain the super-heroes but fail miserably. The heroes make tracks; Wonder Girl helps Superboy head back for Cadmus.

The Contessa looks on with satisfaction. Her plan had been to discredit the heroes through their "sidekicks" and clone new ones, but she's had to improvise a little. The Guardian Clone contacts her and asks for help and she refuses to aid him, saying that she can alway grow another clone.

At the Project, the captured Amanda Spence leads Guardian and the rest to the chamber were all the Project's staff and soldiers are being held. Everyone is revived as Tana Moon and Serling Roquette enter the room carrying [Dubbilex (New Earth)


  • This story continues from Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1.


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