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Super Stimpak
effects: Immediate:
+75 Hit Points
After 1 Minute:
-3 Hit Points
After 2 Minutes:
-6 Hit Points
addiction: None
weight: 1 Pound
value: $225

A Super Stimpak is an advanced healing chem.



As with the regular Stimpak, the Super version comes in a hypodermic, but with an additional vial containing more powerful drugs than the basic model and a leather belt to strap the needle to your limb. When injected, a Super Stimpak heals 75 hit points immediately, but the powerful nature of drugs used in the process will cause an adverse reaction from the organism, resulting in 9 points of damage after two minutes.

The Super Stimpak is a rare sight in the wasteland, usually only available from high tech settlements, such as Vault City or San Francisco. Sometimes, chemistry geniuses can whip up a Super Stim, which is the case with Myron, who could create one from 1 stimpak, 1 Nuka-cola and 1 fruit for a scientifically-inclined Chosen One (76% Science or more).

Interestingly, an even superior version exists, called the Ultra Stimpak.

Used for assassination

Superstims also have a nefarious purpose. They can be used to assassinate friendly NPCs in populated areas; no one would suspect you of killing the person with stimpaks, because they heal people. Having the Awareness perk helps, as you can see how much health the target has. Simply divide his or her current health by 9 then round up. The number you reach is how many Super Stims you should use to kill your victim. Stick the Stims in one of your weapon slots and use the applicable number of stims on the victim. After waiting 2 minutes, they should die from the latent damage (9 points per pak).



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