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Super Sentinel
General Information
Aprox. Size Several times the size of a Sentinel
Purpose Anti-Vehicle
  • Anti-Infantry
First Seen Forerunner-Flood War
Primary Heavy Sentinel Beam
Defense Shields

The Super Sentinel is a variant of the basic Sentinel design, but considerably larger. As with Sentinels, they are Built at a Sentinel Shop, and usable by players. Intended for anti-vehicle and anti-infantry operations, they are unable to engage aircraft, and require regular Sentinel escorts for aerial protection.[1] They require 250 resources and a minimum tech level of 2 to be produced and count as 2 population. They are able to create a beam of energy capable of temporarily disabling any enemy unit with the exception of air vehicles.


The concept art of the Super Sentinel.

Not much is known about their history. Like most special Sentinels, they are only used in times of large Flood infections, or other considerable threats. Their only known appearances are during the Battle of the Flood-controlled Shield World and the Battle of the Apex. They were activated when the AI of the Flood-controlled Shield World autonomously initiated "Stage 3 Defense Protocols", and large amounts of Flood along with several unidentified alien species were detected. They were sent to cleanse the Flood and this possible "threat", which were the UNSC and the Covenant. They continued their function during the Battle of the Apex. The ones on this Shield World were most likely completely destroyed along with the installation when the star within it went supernova.


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