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For leader of the West Coast Super Mutants, see Master.
Super Mutant Master
variations: Super Mutant
Super Mutant Brute
Super Mutant Master
Super Mutant Overlord
Super Mutant Behemoth
base id: 92C4D/94ECB (gun)
92C4E/94ECC (melee)
3A149/94ECE (launcher)
27FB2/94ECD (minigun)

Super Mutant Masters are the top tier of the regular-sized Super Mutant enemy class in Fallout 3. They are discernible by their fighter pilot headgear and vest with tubes running the girth of their lower torso.

Of the regular-sized Super Mutants, the Master is the strongest - overshadowed only by the much larger Super Mutant Overlords and Super Mutant Behemoths. Super Mutant Masters are rarely alone and generally have Super Mutant Brutes or regular Super Mutants nearby. They tend to hang around old Slaver Camps or Abandoned Towns, and they are rarely out in the open. Some reports suggest they may also be found at abandoned Enclave facilities.

Masters usually carry one of the following weapons:

Masters, apart from having some of the strongest weapons Super Mutants can wield, have 3.6 times as much health as a standard Super Mutant, or several times as much health as a normal human combatant. At lower levels, it is difficult to take out a Master without explosives such as the Missile Launcher or Frag Grenades.



SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
10 ST, 6 PE, 9 (normal)
10 (heavy weapons) EN, 5 CH, 4 (normal)
5 (heavy weapons) IN, 5 AG, 8 (normal)
5 (heavy weapons) LK
12 360 60-67 80 N/A N/A


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
- Chinese Assault Rifle
Super Sledge
Frag Grenades
Missile Launcher
Dog Meat
Ant Meat
Mole Rat Meat
Radroach Meat


  • Super Mutant Masters appear only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The Master's Headgear is a reference to Fallout 2's Marcus.
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