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Super Mutant Behemoth
variations: Super Mutant
Super Mutant Brute
Super Mutant Master
Super Mutant Overlord
Super Mutant Behemoth
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00097F30 (Evergreen Mills)
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00097F2D (Jury Street Metro)
00028FEC (Evergreen Mills)
0009DC4F (Capitol Rotunda)
0006D950 (Takoma Industrial)

Super Mutant Behemoths are giant Super Mutants living in the ruins of Washington, DC. There are five in total, and they do not respawn after you kill them. There is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 3 entitled "The Bigger They Are..." obtained by destroying all five. These giant creatures are created by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV).



Super Mutant Behemoths can be very difficult to kill, as they are the most resilient enemy in the game. But usually when you encounter them, they are being fought by a certain group such as the Talon Company, Brotherhood of Steel, or Raiders. These groups of soldiers will usually pack a punch on the Behemoth, knocking off a good chunk of health for you to finish it off, if not outright killing it for you. Take a look at the Strategies section for information about how to kill these giant beasts.

The general concept of all Vault 87 Super Mutants is that the older they become after being exposed to the F.E.V., the bigger and stronger they become. Super Mutant Behemoths are as big and bad as it gets, clearly making them the oldest Super Mutants in the Wasteland. All Behemoths in Fallout 3 look unique, some don't wear armor, some don't have weapons, etc.


  • Level: 20
  • Health: 2000
  • SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 5EN, 5CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
  • XP: 50
  • Combat skill: 100
  • Attack damage (fists): 33
  • Attack damage (fire hydrant): 100


The Behemoth appears only in Fallout 3. A robot also named Behemoth can be found in Fallout Tactics.

Actual Size

When initially designed Behemoths may have been smaller, about half the size they are now. The skulls, car doors and fire hydrants they carry are all bigger than any skull, car door or fire hydrant in the Capital Wasteland. This is evidence that the Behemoth's size could have been increased after creation. If you spawn a Behemoth, they are not the size encountered in-game. Rather, they are only slightly taller than Fawkes.

Additionally, the 5 Behemoths seem to vary in size; the GNR Plaza and Evergreen Mills Behemoths stand more than 20 feet tall, whereas The Capitol Building and Jury Street Metro Behemoths only seem to be about 12 to 15 feet tall (a little over twice as tall as a standard human character.) This would support the theory that they get larger as they grow older.

Physical Appearance and Equipment

A size comparison between a Behemoth and a standard human female.
Behemoths are roughly 20 foot tall Super Mutants, standing approximately three times as tall as a normal human. Some Behemoths carry fire hydrants that they use as melee weapons. They also wield car doors, which are used as shields. They have shopping carts on their backs as sort of backpacks, for carrying their victims with them like food rations.


For strategies, please refer to the discussion page.




  • The Behemoth right outside the entrance to the GNR Building is the easiest to find and is actually impossible to miss if you attempt Galaxy News Radio (quest). You will have ten Brotherhood of Steel members to back you up, though they are not invincible and some may already be dead or die in the process. On a nearby fountain in the square, you will also find a dead BoS member slumped on the fountain's rails in an almost picturesque position. The soldier will be in possession of a Fat Man and some Mini Nukes, which will be invaluable in bringing down the monster. However, keep in mind that the dead soldier will not be there if Sentinel Lyons isn't present in the battle. Sometimes the Behemoth may be stuck in the pile of rubble on the west end of the GNR plaza, and is unable to move or attack. This makes it much easier to kill. Also, sometimes grenades can cause him to be stuck in the air, making the fight easier since he cannot move or attack. Also, if you use the building you have to go through on the way to the plaza, it can be used as the perfect cover from it. Just sit inside and throw grenades from the doorway until he dies because he can't hit you if you're properly inside.

Evergreen Mills

Behemoth in Evergreen Mills meets a Fat Man from the rooftops
  • In Evergreen Mills, the Raider-controlled train yard, a Behemoth has somehow been captured and imprisoned by an electric fence. However the fence's power source is simply a nearby generator. When approaching the area from the south, the generator can be easily destroyed with any rifle (it should be noted that there is a switch to turn off the electric fence right next the the generator as well). Once the electric gate is turned off, the Mutant will rush outside and attack the Raiders, killing most, if not all of them (most of whom are armed with nothing but 10mm Pistols). Because of the gate that traps this monster, the raiders that occupy the train yard, and the cliffs that surround the area, the number of methods to deal with the Behemoth are almost endless. It is possible to have the Behemoth follow you out of Evergreen Mills. If you lead him to the Jury Street Metro directly east and trigger the Behemoth encounter there, they will begin to fight each other. The one with the club will most obviously win.

Capitol Building

  • A Behemoth can be found in The Capitol Building fighting Talon Company mercenaries at the west entrance. There is a considerable amount of fighting between Super Mutants and Talon Company so it's possible to sit back and watch the fun. You can also find a room next to the dome with the Behemoth containing a computer which, when hacked, will allow you to activate the turret system in the dome. There are several turrets that are activated by this command, so it'll likely make things much more interesting. One of the Talon Company mercenaries is equipped with a Fat Man and a few Mini Nukes as well, which makes them fully capable of killing the Behemoth. Keep your distance from the room where the fighting is going on as you can easily be caught in the blast radius of the mini nuke or possibly be targeted instead of the Behemoth.

Takoma Park

  • A Behemoth and several Super Mutants are located northeast of the Takoma Park in Takoma Industrial. There is a truck near a water tower a few feet away. On the truck you can see a dead mercenary and a switch that activates some artillery that makes the fight much easier. This artillery will break after a few shots and need to be fixed with a Science skill of at least 33. After fixing it the artillery won't break anymore, so you can kill the Behemoth without using any of your ammo.

Jury Street Metro Station

  • This Behemoth is located at a Super Mutant camp, marked by a group of wrecked train cars west southwest of Jury Street Metro Station. On these tracks are several overturned railway carts. One of them is a large empty storage container, with the open part facing the Jury Street Metro area. In this container are several "Cart Cages" (shopping carts pushed together to make a cage). One of these contains a teddy. Open the cart and the Behemoth will come for you. When he spawns, the Behemoth may get caught up fighting Talon Company/Regulators(depending on your Karma)/other creatures near the Jury Street Station.


  • The word Behemoth means "a huge or monstrous creature." It comes from the Book of Job in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Unlike their super mutant brethren, Behemoths cannot talk.
  • Behemoths cannot be completely dismembered; only the arms, legs, and skull cap fall off
  • If a critical hit is scored on the head, their head will not fall off or blow up; rather, their skull top will be removed, exposing brains.


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