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Super Friends

Official Name
Super Friends
Team Aliases
Justice League of America; Super Powers; Galactic Guardians


Team Identity

Super Friends

Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)

First appearance
Last appearance

The Power Pirate (TV); Super Friends #1 (comic)
The Death of Superman (TV); Super Friends Special #1 (comic)



Image:Quote1.png Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe – here in this great hall of justice - are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled. Image:Quote2.png
-- Super Friends Narrator

The Super Friends is a team formed by the greatest of Earth's superheroes for the cause of truth, justice, and peace for all mankind. Its original core group consisted of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog were the only non-powered civilian members of the team. Later the team expanded to include Green Lantern, Flash, Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Vulcan, Firestorm, and Cyborg, and its civilian members were replaced by the Wonder Twins of Exor, Zan and Jayna with their pet monkey Gleek.


Equipment: The Trouble Alert distress system
Transportation: Individually, the Super Friends all had their own means of travel.

  • Superman, Hawkman, Black Vulcan and Samurai could fly via their own super-powers.
  • Wonder Woman traveled via her invisible robot plane.
  • Aquaman usually swam under his own power or telepathically summoned a marine animal for more expedient travel. If a marine animal wasn't available, Aquaman could always avail himself of his personal jetski or catch a ride with Wonder Woman.
  • Batman and Robin drove inside the Batmobile.
  • Green Lantern used the energy from his power ring to fly.
  • The Flash could run at super-speed.
  • Apache Chief could make giant strides by way of his size enhancement powers.
  • Jayna of the Wonder Twins could shapeshift into any form of flying creature; she usually carried her brother Zan in a bucket when he took the form of water.
  • Wendy and Marvin rode bicycles.

Collectively, the Super Friends had access to a Translocation Chamber, which was located inside the Hall of Justice. Similar in function to Justice League teleport tubes, the Super Friends could teleport individually, or as a group to any desired location on Earth.
Weapons: Ideally, the Super Friends frowned on the need for offensive weaponry, but several team members equipped themselves with special devices to aid them in their crime fighting careers. Batman and Robin both wore matching Utility Belts, which housed their Batarangs, and Wonder Woman carried with her the unbreakable Lasso of Truth.


  • Although there was never an official team leader of the Super Friends, most of the members often deferred to Superman's judgment.

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