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Skill details
Sunspear Rebirth Signet
Image:Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Campaign: Nightfall
Profession: None
Attribute: Sunspear Title
Type: Signet
        3 Activation    

Full: Resurrect target dead party member at your location with full health[sic] and 10% energy[sic] for each Sunspear rank you have attained. This signet can only be used once per mission unless recharged by a morale boost.

Concise: Resurrect target dead ally at your location (full Health and 10% Energy for each Sunspear rank you have attained). This signet only recharges when you gain a morale boost.



Acquired from Runduk in the Sunspear Great Hall after reaching a sufficient Sunspear rank. Elonian characters must reach the rank of Sunspear Sergeant, while foreign characters must reach the rank of First Spear.


  • This can only be used in PvE.
  • This signet cannot be used by Heroes.
  • Although the skill description says "per mission", it also works in an explorable area.
  • With Sunspear rank 3 or above it will provide more energy than a Resurrection Signet.
  • The "at your location" part of the skill description is ambiguous:
    • The target will be resurrected underneath you when the skill has been completed.
    • This skill has normal range.

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