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The Sunrunner was a fast, but unarmed, sea cutter provided for Nym by Loreli Ro. It was equipped with a Corellian navicomputer, Mitgard repulsor engines, and clean-burning ion drives. Nym rammed it into the Revenant, sinking both vessels and destroying many B1 battle droids.

Behind the scenes

  • Sunrunner is also the name of a server - or "Galaxy" - in Star Wars: Galaxies.


  • Starfighter: Crossbones
  • Star Wars Adventures 1: Hunt the Sun Runner (Mentioned only)

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Sunrunner is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment.

Table of contents


Name Origin

The Sunrunner was an immense, ocean-going cutter and one of the fastest ships on the planet Maramere during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Ambassador Loreli Ro turned control of the ship over to Nym and his mercenaries, during their search for Sol Sixxa. The Sunrunner was unarmed, so Nym's crew took weaponry from their starhsip Havoc and mounted them aboard the Sunrunner. The ship was destroyed in the final battle between Nym and Sol Sixxa, when Nym purposely overloaded its power generators and crashed it into the Trade Federation cutter commanded by Ruuk. With the Federation ship out of the way, Nym asked Sol Sixxa to join his mercenary gang in fighting the Trade Federation's occupation of the Karthakk System.

Additional Information

Sunrunner started service the day the game itself was launched. Sunrunner features a massive Role Playing community with many cities designated to RP; thus making Sunrunner one of the unofficial role playing servers.

A large number of Sunrunner players are also actively involved in the Galactic Civil War, which means Sunrunner offers active PvP both in space and ground locations. Infact, PvP is so popular, Imperial pilots usually hold deliberate blockades in Deep Space to keep Rebel pilots out, and ground PvP is not limited to Restuss but also features fightings in "classic" locations like Theed. Sunrunner's pilot community of course is also strong, making Sunrunner one of the community balanced servers - other than Bloodfin or Shadowfire where community has a strong focus on ground PvP only.

The citizens of the Sunrunner galaxy are a helpful bunch, and as already mentioned are heavily RP-oriented. However, because of many player's leaving the game, some RP events are now shadows of their former selves.

Roleplaying Weekly Events



Wasteland Roleplay Gathering

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: feel free to drop in.
  • Locations: Wasteland, Tatooine: Club BlueSky (5733 1928), Sand Hawk Cantina (5735 1843), Mos Tava Welcome Center (5627 1893)
  • Description: Party and RP fun! Entertainers, ask about performing benefits! You can get to Wasteland via shuttle on Tatooine though there is none registered. This is an RP event. All players are welcome but are expected to follow general IC/OOC etiquette. Anyone *using* weapons indoors will be banned from the city and the structures. Please note: you can have prop weapons if they are IC disabled in some way (example, Gravis sometimes carries an broken electric pole-arm as a walking stick). Wasteland is a hermitage, meaning its citizens even hide from neutral players. As such it is not factional. Rebels and Imperials are welcome to stop by but please no fighting indoors. The walls in the city make a great battleground for PvP. If you like to try out some dueling feel free but please keep it civil. If you cause a disturbance you will be city-banned. Please note: The layouts of buildings in Wasteland are very different from normal homes. For the sake of RP correctness, do not walk through the "walls". It's more fun to follow the layout how it's been designed! Have fun exploring buildings you *thought* you knew! Stop on by and see what new storylines evolve, or continue your own RP. Take a look around at the other buildings in town, or check into a room at the Mos Tava Inn and stay the night! Various room rates available from the penthouse suite to the budget rooms. If you like, you can even place a home near the shuttle in the shopping village area! Above all, have fun!!!


The Tropico

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Tamlee.
  • Location: RnR Retreat, Rori
  • Description: The Tropico is a nicely decorated cantina that hosts the night at the Tropico every Tuesday. It is a chance to meet roleplayers from all over the galaxy, not just Rori. You may find the wanted rebel, you may see stormtroopers guarding the entrance, or you may see that cute girl you've been looking for. No matter what you see, I garantee it isn't what you expected. It somehow never is as expected at the Tropico.


The River Jams

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: feel free to drop in
  • Location: Rielig Steppes, Dantooine (3204 -2931)
  • Description: This is a social occasion. A chance to meet, chat, make deals & alliances, dance and play music. Old and new roleplayers meet. Please leave your armour and weapons by the door unless you happen to be passing Imperial trooper on duty. Slavetrading is not permitted in the town. Thank you!


The Imperial Show of Force

  • Time: 02:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Barov Kreele, Moemeov Akeit
  • Location: Varies.
  • Description: A chance for the Imperial roleplay community to meet up and work together. Every week is a new story or a new event. It can be anything from run-away wookiees to the destruction of a rebel facility. You can't know what will happen, only that you will have a chance to play your imperial.

Thursday Nights at the Horn & Halo

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Andi, Tor'ryn, or Nieli
  • Location: Anggel Valley, Dantooine (1852 4675)
  • Description: A weekly roleplay party at the Horn & Halo Club. There is a strict no weapons policy.


Friday Nights at the X

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Fordaith Curado
  • Location: Xtasy Lounge, Lawless Valley, Lok
  • Description: Come to coolest spot in the heat of the desert. The Xtasy Lounge hosts the most radical parties on Lok. Nestled in a abandoned Imperial Outpost, Lawless Valley is its own law, so things like ilicit gambling and smuggling are not illegal.

Leave your weapons and inhibitions at the door. Lawless Valley is a Roleplay atmosphere, please take this into account before deciding whether or not to attend. Also, there is a non-combat policy inside the Lounge. If you are at war, please take any fights outside.

Party Night at Club Destiny

  • Time: 09:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Erynne & Arra
  • Location: Wasteland, Tatooine
  • Description: Club Destiny welcomes you to join us for another night of fun! From 06:00PM PST till they close us down, or you pass out at the keyboard. Special guests will include as available and staff members from, along with the occasional famous visitor from the galaxies biggest headlines.


The Rebel Roleplay Hour @ The Flightline Club

  • Time: 04:00PM EST
  • In-game contact: Beinon, C'Nevyn or Robco
  • Location: Zephyr Base, Rori (4203 -6543)
  • Description: The goal of this event is to promote factional rebel roleplay for rebel RPers and to promote roleplay concerning the Galactic Civil War. All REBEL RPers are invited to attend this weekly event. However, Roleplayers considering themselves Neutral or Imperial are not invited to this event and should Neutral or Imperial RPers show up they will be promptly banned from the event and building.

A few things to make note of : 1. This Cantina for roleplay purposes should be considered to be on a rebel base RP your character accordingly. 2. Weapons policy is simple, we are at war, troops will have firearms on them and are permitted within the building. Due to this however, should a rebel get out of hand at the event he wil be locked up in a security cell to await transportation by base Security Police. 3. Please take note that should high ranking officers such as General Ufwol, Admiral Burke, Ackbar or others appear there that proper military protocol is followed by the calling of attention on deck. When called all troops should snap to attention until told to be at ease.


The Sunday Solleu-Suv-Mer Roleplay Hour

  • Time: 04:00PM EST
  • In-game Contact: Mayor Irulyn , Lady Corsianna , Osey, Derek-, or Bravo.
  • Location: Solleu-Suv-Mer, Naboo (868 6644)
  • Description: This a Roleplaying event. Having any weapons equiped during this may result in jailing & a trial of your character. Any person seen using Jedi powers/weapons will be jailed. Rebellion activity are subject to being jailed.

Lake Sartori Beach Party

  • Time: 07:00PM EST
  • In-game Contact: Mayor Rowyn
  • Location: Lake Sartori, Naboo (6075 2248)
  • Description: This a light Roleplaying party at the Heart & Soul Cantina. There will be on air music by hosted by Rowyn taking requests and playing them live. Please leave the weapons away.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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Sunrunner is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Hi, I'm better than you. And smaller.

Sunrunner, as one of the relatively scarce flying Autobots, has a bit of an (ahem) air superiority complex. Warriors who can't fly are barely even warriors in his optics. "Groundhogs", he calls them. This attitude does nothing to endear him to his fellow Battle Patrol members, but he doesn't care -- after all, he knows he contributes more than his fair share as the only flying member of the team. This can create tension between him and Flak, however. The team strategist wants credit for his brilliant tactical layouts, yet Sunrunner is always there to remind them how indispensable his air support is to the plan. He may be right, but that only makes Sunrunner's self-congratulations that much more irritating.



Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Sunrunner and the Battle Patrol were among the first dozen or so Autobot Micromasters created by Emirate Xaaron on Cybertron to replenish the Autobot ranks. Considered walking, talking top-secret technology, the Micromasters were each implanted with a suicide switch that would utterly destroy them if they were ever captured by the Decepticons. On a routine scouting mission, though, Sunrunner and his Patrol were ambushed by Thunderwing in an attempt to gain access to their secrets. Following their leader, Big Shot, the Battle Patrol chose to go down fighting like Autobots instead of blowing themselves up. Noble, perhaps, but they were still captured in the end, and the Decepticons pilfered the secrets of Micromaster technology from their bodies before the Battle Patrol were rescued by the other Autobot Micromasters. A Small War!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2009, after the Time Wars, Galvatron and the Decepticons had assumed near total control over Cybertron. Sunrunner was part of a small band of Autobots under the command of Rodimus Prime attempting to mount a resistance against the Decepticon rule. After Galvatron and the Triggercons dismantled one of their outposts and all the Autobots inside it, however, the Autobots went into retreat, fleeing for Earth. Aspects of Evil! Sunrunner and the rest of the Battle Patrol were seen on the bridge of the Autobot shuttlecraft with Kup and Red Alert, as more than 400 Autobots fled their homeworld in defeat. The Void!

Note: Sunrunner was a full-size Transformer during "Aspects of Evil!", but drawn as a normally-sized Micromaster by the time of "The Void!".

Zone OVA and manga

After the Nine Great Demon Generals had devastated the Planet Zone Base and stolen the Energon Z energy source, Sunrunner and his fellow comrades of the Battle Team boarded Moonradar’s rocket to chase after them and, with the help of Sunrunner’s radar, tracked them down somewhere in space and pursued them to Earth. There, the Battle Team among other Microtransformers faced off against Trypticon and Predaking, but found themselves at the receiving end of the beating. Luckily, Sonic Bomber and Dai Atlas arrived just in time and saved the day.

Later on, Sunrunner could be seen amongst the crowd cheering and applauding to the newly appointed Autobot Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Sunrunner and Sidetrack made up the obnoxious duo of the "Rank-'N'-File Brigade", as Big Daddy called them. These two Battle Patrol members were all cylinders hot for the Autobot cause, and more than willing to berate any Micromasters who they felt weren't living up to the Auto-brand. After Big Daddy and his team lost one of their own rescuing the guzzler Roadbuster from the Decepticons, he was in no mood to get flak from Sunrunner and Sidetrack about how they didn't do it efficiently enough. B.I.G. decked Sunrunner onto the floor of the barracks, and then cut out on the Autobots with his Hot Rod Patrol. Destined for Nothing

Sunrunner hadn't forgotten that little episode sometime later, when Big Daddy and his team came back to the base looking for support after the Insecticons tore up Little Iacon looking for them. After they had left, Sunrunner and Sidetrack took the liberty of changing the passwords and deactivating the signal-identifiers in their Auto-brands, leaving the Hot Rods up the mercury creek without a paddle. Recipe for Hate


Generation One

  • Battle Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Why does a plane have desert fatigues?
Sunrunner transforms into a modified C-2 Greyhound (a cargo of the E-2C Hawkeye AEW (Airborne Early Warning) plane , without the aircraft's distinctive circular radar antenna dome) with a hulking great missile rack attached to the top. His robot mode features an unusual design where the shoulders (being the engines) are topped by propellers, and by comparison with many Micromasters, has a better proportioned robot mode.
He was only available as part of the Battle Patrol, along with his teammates Big Shot, Sidetrack and Flak.


  • Battle Patrol Team (Micro Transformer team, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-332
This release was a redeco of the US release, with blue replacing the olive green and the yellow parts changed to white. The red paint applications, on the other hand, remain red.


  • Battle Patrol Team (Micro Trailer team, 1991)
Japanese ID number: C-374
The Micromasters in this set were identical to their Zone release, but came with Micro Trailer # 11.

External Links

  • Sunrunner at

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