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The Sunken Shrine
The Sunken Shrine seen from the Barrel

The Sunken Shrine is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located undersea just off Onrac, and is only accessible by means of a Barrel located on Onrac's dock. Here lies the Water Crystal.

The Sunken Shrine is a much more difficult dungeon to navigate than the other abodes of the previous Fiends of Elements. Several floors have multiple staircases, some of which may lead to dead ends. One chain of staircases leads to a floor that is enemy-free and inhabited by Mermaids which the player must visit if he wishes to proceed in the game. The player can talk to them in order to learn of the Kraken's siege on their home, and many of their rooms contain treasure chests with valuble equipment.

Nearly all of the monsters in the Sunken Shrine are Water-based, so the Coral Sword, the Gauntlets and Thunder magic are valuable tools in completing this long and twisting dungeon.



After obtaining the Oxyale from the Fairy at the spring in Gaia, the Warriors of Light meet again with the woman at the docks of Onrac. There, she shows her true from, the one of a Mermaid, and jumps to the water, leaving a submersible barrel on the port. The Warriors of Light use the barrel to descend to the Sunken Shrine and there, they search for Kraken. Eventually, they defeat it, and restore the Water Crystal.

Later, when searching for the Wind Crystal, the Warriors of Light find the Rosetta Stone on the upper floors of the shrine inhabited by Mermaids.


Item Location
9900 Gil Third Floor
2000 Gil Third Floor
110 Gil Third Floor
450 Gil Third Floor
7690 Gil Second Floor
8135 Gil Second Floor
5450 Gil Second Floor
385 Gil Second Floor
Giant's Gloves Second Floor
Light Axe Second Floor
Ribbon Second Floor
9900 Gil Second Floor
7340 Gil Second Floor
2750 Gil Second Floor
Mage's Staff Fourth Floor
12350 Gil Fourth Floor
Light Axe Fourth Floor
Diamond Armor Fourth Floor
Antidote Fifth Floor
Diamond Shield Fifth Floor
9000 Gil Fifth Floor
1760 Gil Fifth Floor
Diamond Armlet Fifth Floor
4150 Gil Fifth Floor
5000 Gil Fifth Floor
Diamond Gloves Fifth Floor
Diamond Helm Fifth Floor
10 Gil Fifth Floor
10000 Gil Fifth Floor
2750 Gil Fifth Floor
Rosetta Stone Fifth Floor


Battle Background
Kraken's battle Battle Background


"Chaos' Temple"
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Chaos' Temple" is the background music of this area, while "Underwater Temple", which would be supposed to represent this area's theme, is the background music of the Chaos Shrine of the Past. These tracks have been named incorrectly in the Original Soundtrack.



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