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The Sunken Cave.
The Sunken Cave on the World Map.

The Sunken Cave, also known as Underwater Cave, is an optional location in Final Fantasy III. It is located underwater the small island to the extreme southeast of the Surface World, so the party will need the Nautilus. The Sunken Cave has a wealth of chests containing lots of equipment and a few items. At the end, their is a mass of rock and bridge that may hint that there was much more of the cave previously.

There are four chests in a hidden room that are traps. The player must fight the monsters guarding the chests in order to obtain the items inside.



Item Location
Chakram Second Area
Tiger Claws Second Area
Dual Tomahawk Second Area
Loki Harp Third Area
Diamond Mail Third Area
Diamond Bracers Third Area
Air Knife Third Area
Phoenix Down Third Area
Elixir Third Area
Diamond Gloves Third Area
Ancient Sword Third Area
Metal Knuckles Third Area
Diamond Shield Third Area
Diamond Helm Third Area
Cognitome Third Area
Trident Hidden room on Third Area. Guarded by Peryton.
Aegis Shield Hidden room on Third Area. Guarded by Zombie Dragon.
Reflect Mail Hidden room on Third Area. Guarded by Death Claw.
Triton Hammer Hidden room on Third Area. Guarded by Eater.

Enemy Encounters

Battle Background



The background music that plays inside the Sunken Cave is called "Underwater Temple".


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