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Glasses are frames bearing lenses, worn in front of the eyes either for vision correction or eye protection.


Fallout 3


DR: 1
0 (GlassesReadingChild)
item HP: 150
weight: 0
value: 12
8 (Sunglasses)
repair: Doctor Li's Glasses, Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Three Dog's Glasses, Tortiseshell Glasses
none (GlassesReadingChild)
variants: Doctor Li's Glasses
Cryptochromatic Spectacles (Point Lookout)
Desmond's Eyeglasses (Point Lookout)
Lag-Bolt's Shades (Broken Steel)
Lucky Shades
Three Dog's Glasses
base id: 340fd (Eyeglasses)
5dc82 (GlassesReadingChild)
1C296 (Reading)
5c99f (Sunglasses)
1c295 (Tinted Reading)
5c9a1 (Tortiseshell)

Glasses in Fallout 3 come in 6 principal variants as well as a few unique pieces. They can be worn with some helmets and any headgear which is considered a hat, headband, head wrap, cap or wig.



"Sunco" Eyeglasses are basic, black rimmed glasses.

They can be acquired from Jonas during your escape from Vault 101, Murphy or Dr. Zimmer. They can also be found in a Pulowski Preservation Shelter in L'Enfant, inside Arlington Library in a bathroom on a hand dryer, at Dukov's Place on the mounted Brahmin heads, in Lady Frumperton's Fashions in Dupont Circle or Tenpenny Tower (two pairs). They can also be acquired during your travels aboard Mothership Zeta.


GlassesReadingChild are the children's version of Reading Glasses. When worn by adults, they are much larger and will hover in front of the wearer's forehead.

They can be reverse-pickpocketed from at least one of the nameless children in Little Lamplight. Using a Radiation Suit will make the NPC remove all headgear, enabling you to pickpocket it.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are classic fabricated glasses for those who suffer from farsightedness.

Found on a counter inside in Lady Frumperton's Fashions, and in the RobCo Facility, on a sink in the bathroom (first door on left from main entrance). Also worn by Red of Big Town and by comrade Irving Cheng of Tenpenny Tower. If you happen to find Doc Hoff, either by one of the citys, or in the wastes, he is wearing reading glasses and can be Reverse pickpocketed to obtain them, you could also kill him and loot his body.


Slightly shaded glasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

A pair is worn by Sam Warrick during a random encounter and another by Snowflake, the ghoul barber in Underworld. They can be found on the table with the clock, wrench, and coffee mug, in the Irradiated Metro or in Roosevelt Academy Arts and Athletics Hall, in a bathroom on a hand dryer. You can also obtain a pair from two wastelanders somewhere out in the wasteland. (Broken Steel Add-On) There will also be a recording of one of them talking about ambushing a water caravan passing by.

Tinted Reading Glasses

Tinted Reading Glasses are mentioned in the safety booklet provided by Vault-Tec: "When exiting the vault your eyes will not be used to the light of the sun, so tinted eyewear is advisable to prevent damage to the retina." Strangely, wearing it does not stop the burning light entering the players eyes.

Available in Vault 101 from Floyd Lewis, Vault 101 engineer, found dead by the player during the early quest Escape! They can also be found on the corpse of Ryan Briggs.

Tortiseshell Glasses

"Protecto" Tortiseshell Glasses [sic] are dark, tinted spectacles and can only be obtained from a limited number of places.

They are worn by Mister Burke and Martha Wilson, for example. A pair of the glasses can be found on the table in front of the radio next to the Ghoul barber Snowflake on the second floor of Underworld or on the Brahmin head mounted to the wall in the foyer in Dukov's Place. They can also be found in the Citadel mess hall, on the left most table on the back wall. Tortiseshell Glasses can also be found on display at New Urban Apparel in Tenpenny Tower. They can also be acquired during your travels aboard Mothership Zeta.

Unique variants

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

See: Clothes


Glasses appear in Fallout 3 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


Fallout 3

Armor of Fallout 3

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Female eyewear

Glareshades, also known as sunglasses were a piece of eyewear used either to protect one's eyes from direct exposure to sunlight or just as a nod to fashion. Wing Commander Diblen Harleys of the New Republic was known to wear glareshades as an informal part of his uniform.


Known wearers of glareshade



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