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Other names: Wetworld
Type: Planet
Location: Approximately 100 light years from Earth, in Mutter's Spiral.
Natives: A wide variety of animal and plant life, including sentient Sundayan otters
Appearances: NSA: Wetworld

Sunday was an Earth Colony world upon which the Doctor encountered the Swamp Monster.


Astronomical Data

Sunday orbited a bloated orange star one hundred Light years from Earth. The system contained at least two gas giants and some asteroids. Sunday's rotation period was approximately 12 hours. It had .9 Earth normal gravity. Sunday had at least one moon that was orange due to the sun's light.


Sunday was a very warm and wet planet. It often rained there and it had purple skies.


Sunday was almost entirely covered in vast, unbroken oceans. A few islands of varying sizes lay on the equator. These islands were covered in large swamps, forests and a number of rivers. The forest closest to the human settlement of Sunday City was known as the Slim Forest.

Native Flora and Fauna

Sunday had a vastly varied ecosystem, even before the arrival of human colonists. The planet was home to water pigeons, Sundayan 'gators, and Sundayan otters to name just a few. The Slim Forest also contained a variety of trees, including salt-trees.


The planet was first colonised by humans on a Sunday in the year 2107 by 800 colonists from Earth. The colony was established as part of the First Wave of human colonisation. They launched from the spaceport in Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a mark II world-builder called the One Small Step. They established Sunday City along the banks of a river. and prepared for the next group of colonists.

However, three months before the arrival of the Doctor, the planet passed into the orbit of a recently destroyed asteroid. Most of the pieces of the fragment cloud burnt up in the atmosphere, but a few struck the surface. One struck the ocean, one kilometre from the shore and six kilometres from Sunday City. The resultant tidal wave raced up the river and struck the settlement, washing most of the buildings and the One Small Step away. More than half of the colonists died in the disaster.

Upon the arrival of the Doctor and Martha Jones, they lent assistance to the colonists in dealing with the emerging threat of the Swamp Monster that had arrived on the asteroid. (NSA: Wetworld)


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Ms. Sunday
Ms. Sunday
Biographical information



13,004 BBY[1]

Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown[2]

Eye color


Skin color

Light tan

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[1]


Galactic Republic

Sunday, also referred to as Ms. Sunday or Nilam[2], was the codename of a Sector 13 agent[3] during the Hutt War. She is most notable as one of the few, if there were any others, members who was not employed by the Republic military prior to membership in Sector 13. She was the chief bodyguard of former-Chancellor Alcor Bac not long after her service in Sector 13 began.[2]



Early years

Sunday was orphaned due to the events of the Alsakan Crisis, though she was too young to remember much of the time. Her parents were killed during the Battle of Metellos while on a business trip, leaving Sunday with foster parents. She graduated from school with high marks, and began a career in politics. However, she was later fired and remained unemployed for a significant amount of time.[1]

As a result, Sunday resorted to gambling, and was surprisingly successful in the activity, notably in pazaak and sabacc.[1] However, her most notable activity has been intelligence gathering. Her uncanny ability to gather information gave her an exception to Sector 13's recruitment officers. Sunday saw this as her opportunity to make a living, and joined the organization and adopting the codename of Ms. Sunday in 12,981 BBY.

Sector 13

Under Sector 13, Sunday began her work as an informant and a spy sent to regions of the Hutt Empire. She was disgusted by the appearance of Nal Hutta, stating in a report that it was "fitting for the slugs that they were". After spending a longer than expected amount of time on the planet, in order keep her presence hidden from Hutt security, she bribed her way off-world but was recalled back into Republic space by Sector 13 Director Silas. She was then reassigned to protecting the retired Alderaanian Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac, to her own surprise.

Personality and traits

"You can call me Ms. Sunday. Nice to meet you."
―Ms. Sunday

Sunday often greeted people in a casual manner, though she remained silent and subservient in the presence of her superiors. On the other hand, Sunday had the capacity to project leadership over others, as well as discipline when needed. She was pleasant to speak to on most accounts, and difficult to anger. Some say that Sunday has never felt anger, alluding to the rarity of such an emotion. Although Sector 13 protocol called for an emotionless approach to operations, Sunday could not help but feel sympathetic to children.[2]

She appeared to have a penchant for wide-brimmed hats, though how far this dated back remains unknown.

Talents and abilities

Unlike most of her codenamed colleagues, Sunday's combative abilities were relatively lacking. Since she was not given any sort of military training prior to her admission, Sunday was commonly thought of by other agents as the runt of the litter. Her post-admission skills in combat were adequately developed enough to be able to confront several armed opponents by herself. Despite this, Sunday lacked the capabilities to properly operate under extreme pressure, including effects such as dehydration and hypothermia.

Ms. Sunday's true talents lie in her ability to gather, analyze and even mentally organize information at remarkable speeds.[2] Her network of informants provide her with gossip from multiple levels of society, and had slowly expanded since Sunday joined Sector 13. Added to her list of skills within this field, thanks to training, is a developed skill to interrogate others. It remains unknown how expansive Sunday's informational network became.


Behind the scenes

Sunday is a reference to the One Piece character Nico Robin, who was introduced under the same moniker.[4] Robin's character design also serves as the visual representation of Sunday.

Nilam is Sanskrit for sapphire.[5]

Notes and references

This article uses material from the "Sunday" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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