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Summoner Artifact Armor
See also: Summoner (Job).

In Final Fantasy XI, the Summoner class is an advanced job.

Summoners in this game can summon two types of creatures; Avatars and Elementals. Avatars are creatures like the traditional Summons, but in Final Fantasy XI they are treated as pets. Summoners obtain Carbuncle immediately upon unlocking the Summoner job class. The others must be gained by individual quests. Elementals are simply spirits representing one of the 8 energy types in the game; Earth, wind, ice, fire, water, lightning, dark, and light - but spirits are mostly thought of as useless since the summoner does not control the use of their abilities. Spirits make up for this fact by being able to cast Ancient Magic respective of their own element.

Summoners can fill a variety of roles. They can create powerful positive status effects for the party, heal the party, impose unique negative effects, and also do damage.


Becoming a Summoner

Upon reaching level 30, a player can try to find a Carbuncle Ruby. These drop mostly off of leech type creatures. It is not a very common item so it could take several hours to find.

After obtaining the ruby, the player must visit the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls, then experience all 8 weather elements with the ruby in the inventory. This requires a player to travel to many different zones because certain weather can only be found in certain zones. After completing this quest though, a player must visit an "stone circle in La Theine Plateau to obtain the Summoner Job Class.

Summoner Abilities


Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Astral Flow
50  Elemental Siphon

Job Traits

Level  Name
10  Max MP Boost
15  Clear Mind
20  Resist Slow
25  Auto Refresh
30  Clear Mind II
30  Max MP Boost II
40  Resist Slow II
45  Clear Mind III
50  Max MP Boost III
60  Clear Mind IV
60  Resist Slow III
70  Clear Mind V
70  Max MP Boost IV
75  Resist Slow IV


Avatars can be obtained through quests by obtaining the appropriate elemental tuning forks. Elemental Spirits can be obtained either through merchants, or by defeating certain monsters that drop the scrolls (these scrolls can also be bought on the Auction House). Each Avatar/Elemental Spirit has an inital MP cost as well as a perpetual MP cost that is based on the SMN's level.


Level  Avatar
01  Carbuncle
01  Fenrir
01  Ifrit
01  Titan
01  Leviathan
01  Garuda
01  Shiva
01  Ramuh
01  Diabolos


Level  Avatar
01  Fire Spirit
01  Ice Spirit
01  Air Spirit
01  Earth Spirit
01  Thunder Spirit
01  Water Spirit
01  Light Spirit
01  Dark Spirit

Summons Commands

Level  Command
01  Assault
01  Blood Pact: Rage
01  Blood Pact: Ward
01  Release
01  Retreat
55  Avatar's Favor

Blood Pacts

Main article: Blood Pact

Blood Pacts are used in place of spells in Final Fantasy XI for summoners. There are two types of Blood Pact; Rage and Ward. Rages will do damage, either with spells or with physical damage attacks. Wards will provide protective magic, curative magic, or positive status effects for the party.

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Staff B 5 109 250
 Club C+ 5 105 230
 Dagger E 4 94 200
 Evasion E 4 94 200

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Summoning Magic A- 5 114 269

Summoner in Final Fantasy XI


  • Avatars offer a variety of abilities that can greatly help party members.
  • Avatars offer a unique way to pull single creatures from a group, an ability no other job can quite emulate.
  • Avatars can do massive damage, particularly with Astral Flow.
  • Summoners, through the use of different abilities, can both provide a magic burst as well as participate in a skillchain--though the latter is unlikely.


  • Summoners have no spells of their own, which often means they function as a magically weak white mage with massive amounts of MP.
  • Summoner's ability to help a party is bottlenecked by recast timers on Blood Pacts.
  • Summoners have weak armor and few hit points.


White Mage

While some situations might warrant a more creative or unique subjob choice, almost every summoner will have White mage as their subjob. This allows them to cure the party, provides them with the ability to remove negative status ailments, and grants them protective magic that will aid them in their role as summoner. Scholar is occasionally used as a support job for its sublimation ability.


Scholar is gaining popularity with summoners, due to the fact it offers both schools of magic, which is the same as Red Mage, the difference is the arts and Stratagems. These abilities will increase the Summoner's magic skills to that of a B+ skill, calculated from the main job's level rather than the level of the Scholar sub. As such, a 75SMN/37SCH using Dark Arts will have 246 skill in Elemental Magic, Enfeebling Magic, and Dark Magic, making any offensive spells used much less likely to be resisted. Further, under Light Arts, the SMN retains access to healing staples such as Cure III and Raise, and even adds Regen II (which is unavailable to the SMN/WHM). This in turn allows the Summoner to damage deal as well as heal proficently. This is an overlooked subjob, but it has it uses for those that do not just want to be a weaker white mage.

Parts Taken From A Guide For Choosing A Summoning Sub Job: Here

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