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See also: Summoner (Job).
Male and Female Summoners

The Summoner is a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. A strong magical based job class, the summoner can summon Espers to deal massive damage to all enemies, or aid allies. Their magic stats are very high, but their other stats are all lacking. To master this job, you need 9710 JP as well as having been attacked by Darkening Cloud. The Summon abilities are characteristic for their larger effect area and distinguishing friend and foe, so the defensive abilities will only help the allies and offensive abilities will only hit on the enemies. In exchange for the convenience, the MP cost and casting time are relatively higher than other magick skills.



A warrior who may Summon the most powerful of spirits, the beings known as espers.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
Level 3 Time Mage Rods, Staves Hats Robes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 8 5% Low High Low High




PS1 Name PSP Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Moogle Moogle Charm. Summon esper to cure target's wounds with pure wind and restores HP. 8 4 3 34 110
Shiva Glacial Shards. Summon esper to spray on the enemy with extremely cold breath. 24 4 3 25 200
Ramuh Judgment Bolt. Summon esper to mercilessly pour lightning shower on enemy. 24 4 3 25 200
Ifrit Infernal Blaze. Summon esper to rain a blazing inferno down upon the enemy. 24 4 3 25 200
Titan Gaia's Wrath. Summon esper to overturn the earth by striking it with a powerful blow. 30 4 3 20 220
Golem Earthen Wall. Summon esper to share part of ally's damage. Evades physical weapon damage. The amount of protection is determined by the caster's max HP. 40 N/A All allies 34 500
Carbunkle Carbuncle Ruby Light. Summon esper to protect allies by reflecting magic attacks with ruby light. 30 4 3 25 350
Bahamut Megaflare. Summon esper to unleash a devastating breath attack. 60 4 4 10 1600
Odin Obliteration. Summon esper to charge through enemies on the back of Sleipnir. 50 4 4 12 900
Leviathan Tidal Wave. Summon esper to engulf the battlefield with a huge water swell. 48 4 4 12 850
Salamander Wyrmfire. Summon esper to burn battlefield with scorching red flame. 48 4 3 12 820
Silf Sylph Whispering Wind. Summon esper to mute enemy with the spirit of leaves in the wind. 26 4 3 20 400
Fairy Faerie Fey Light. Summon esper to restore ally's HP. 28 4 3 25 460
Lich Descending Darkness. Summon esper born from darkness, to dwell in the bowels of hell. 40 4 3 12 600
Cyclops Climactic Fear. Summon esper to sunder the battlefield in the wake of its catastrophic onslaught. 62 4 3 12 1000
Zodiac Zodiark Darkening Cloud. Summon esper to focus star light energy, and unleash it in a blazing beam of destruction.
Note: Must be cast on the Summoner for them to learn it.
99 4 4 10 N/A

Reaction Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Trigger JP Needed
MP Restore Critical: Recover MP Restore MP when terminal. When in critical status. 400

Support Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Half of MP Half MP MP used when casting magic is half. 900


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