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A summon is a creature you create. It will fight for you (or otherwise aid you in some manner), but you cannot directly control its actions. Although Osamodas are summoning specialists, and Sadidas and Enutrofs are secondary summoners, all classes except for Iop, Cra, and Feca have access to at least one summon spell as a class spell, and all characters can obtain two special summon spells by completing certain tasks.

Monsters summoned by players (not other monsters) have their HP and basic characteristics increased by 1% per level of the caster, over the base value for that stat. For example, a level 5 Gobball, which has 70 base HP, would actually have 105 HP for a level 50 Osamodas and 140 HP for a level 100 Osamodas.

Some spells only have effects on summoned creatures (your own, an ally's, or an enemy's), such as Whip. Several other Osamodas spells can be cast both on summons and allies, but have a much better result when used on summons, for example High-Energy Shot and Animal Healing.

By default, a character can only have one summon active. Using "+x to summonable creatures" equipment increases the number of allowed active summons.

Upon reaching level 200, a character receives the spell to summon a Dopple of their class.


Summoning Spells










Invocation spells (any class)

Elementary spells (any class)

Note: Tree and Cawwot are special cases. They create static "creatures" which can be affected by summon-related spells, but they don't count towards the total number of summoned creatures you can have on the field at once, nor do they show up on the turn list. Additionally, since such static objects don't take a turn, they won't be affected by glyphs or poisons, or any other effect with a duration.

Summon-Related Spells

Note that these will work on any summon, even if the name doesn't seem to make sense. For example, a Sadida's Dolly Sacrifice will work on summons other than dolls.




Summon-Increasing Spells

These are spells that allow the caster to have additional summoned creatures on the field at once.



Summon-Increasing Equipment

Equipment that allows the caster to summon additional creatures.


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Final Fantasy

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Summon may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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To create, summon or animate a creature, in the context of Guild Wars skill descriptions, means to make a creature come alive in the mortal realm.

This includes:

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This article is about the summoning skill. For information on training summoning, see summoning training.
A player summons a Void Ravager familiar with the Summoning skill.
a detailed image of the Summoning icon.


Summoning is a members-only skill which was released on 15 January 2008 and greatly updated on 31 March 2008. The skill is available after completing the Wolf Whistle quest. This acts as an introduction to the skill: it allows players to infuse the essence of a variety of creatures into Summoning pouches, then summon these creatures, called familiars. Each familiar has a unique ability that requires a Summoning scroll, made from a corresponding pouch, to use. Summoning familiars and creating scrolls gives very little experience, so players must create pouches in order to gain experience effectively, and, even then, it is a slow skill to raise.

The Summoning skill is similar to Prayer in the way that Summoning points are drained when a familiar is summoned. (See the Familiars section or Summoning points for more details). Like prayer points, summoning points do not automatically recharge, so they must be recharged at a Summoning Obelisk or Small Obelisk, or by drinking a Summoning potion.

In addition to the ability to summon familiars, Summoning affects a player's combat level. Previously, the maximum combat level a player could reach was 126. When Summoning was added to the game, the maximum combat level was raised to 138. Players who have a familiar with them, or a pouch in their inventory, have their combat level shown as the following: (combat level without Summoning) + (combat levels gained from Summoning). It is also shown in this way in and around Bounty Hunter. The reason for this is so that player-killers are not discouraged from training Summoning.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 516,255) on the hiscores for Summoning is level 30. As of 17 January 2010 there are 4,351 players with 99 summoning.

Getting started

Main article: Starting Summoning

To be able to begin Summoning, you must complete the Wolf Whistle quest, which will give 275 gold charms and bring your Summoning level to 4.


The titans, nine Summoning familiars of generally large size.
Main article: Summoning familiars

Familiars are creatures that players may summon to help them with various tasks. The familiars have many different abilities, from boosting skills to aiding you in combat. All familiars have a special move which can be activated with Summoning scrolls. Only one familiar can be summoned at a time, and must be dismissed before another can be summoned.

In order to summon a familiar, players must use the "Summon" option on a Summoning pouch. Summoning familiars costs summoning points (similar again to Prayer points). While a familiar is out, summoning points will be slowly drained until they reach 0, again similar to prayer. The familiar does not disappear when the points reach 0, but any right-click abilities will be unavailable until the summoning points are recharged. Summoning points must be recharged at a Summoning Obelisk or by using Summoning potion(s).

Players can talk to their familiars if they have at least 10 or more summoning levels above the required level to summon that familiar, (e.g. a spirit wolf can be talked to at level 11) with some exceptions, such as minotaurs. Because the level cap at 99 and various other reasons, some familiars cannot be talked to.

The chocatrice that could be commanded during the 2008 Easter event was one of the only two creatures that could be controlled by non-member players.

Eek! the Spider, which could be obtained by doing the 2009 Halloween event, can also be controlled by a non-member.

Special abilities

Each familiar has a different special ability that they are able to use. Some are accessed by talking, using the familiar's special button, right clicking a familiar for another option, or simply summoning them.  

Abilities Description
Fighter These familiar will fight with a player, and have combat levels similar to regular creatures. Until a recent update, a player had to be actively fighting and taking damage for his or her familiar to fight; but now it is possible to safespot with Ranged or Magic, and still have your familiar fight. Familiars will only fight in multi-combat areas.
Light enhancer Some familiars can see well in the dark and will make any light source a player carries brighter.
Skill booster These familiars can either temporarily raise your level in a given skill, or provide an 'invisible' boost that is always active. If that stat has already been raised by a potion the skill boost will not work. Note that invisible skills boosts do not allow the player to perform an activity above his level; they simply help the player in increasing the efficiency of his activity at his current level.
Remote view These familiars can fly into the air and allow the player to see through their eyes, giving the player the ability to see things much further away.
Beast of Burden A beast of burden can carry a varying number of items. Certain familiars can only carry specific items, and only abyssal familiars can carry rune essence and pure essence. Beasts of burden will not carry items that have an individual value over 50k and they will not carry items that cannot be traded.
Healer These familiars can heal a player's hitpoints at a given rate. For example, the Bunyip heals a player two hitpoints every 15 seconds.
Forager A forager will find certain items from time to time, and can carry up to 30 of a specific type of item. Players are only able to withdraw items from these familiars, not deposit items in them.

It is possible for a Summoning pure/skiller to use summoned creatures to attack others without the risk of raising Hitpoints experience. For example, if the player had a Desert Wyrm summoned, he could use the Electric Lash scroll to deal damage without having to worry about gaining experience in Hitpoints.

Forbidden areas for familiars

This is the message that a player will get when they try to enter a non-familiar area.

There are certain places where you cannot summon familiars or bring them into:

  • For most transportation methods, familiars will automatically follow you.
  • Familiars, however, cannot be taken on some types of transportation, including:
  • The Ancient Cavern - While familiars are allowed inside the caves, players are not allowed to jump off the pier if they have already been summoned, except if entering the cave with a familiar via the fairy ring network (The fairy ring must be repaired). Players can also enter with a familiar by teleporting to Kuradal with a Ferocious ring.
  • Golrie's Strongroom.


Main article: Summoning pouches
A player infusing pouches at a Summoning Obelisk.

Summoning pouches are used to summon familiars. The creation of a pouch is relatively simple: the pouch is infused with the essence of a creature, or familiar, at a Summoning Obelisk which can then be summoned using the pouch. Infusing pouches yields experience in summoning. A pouch is used up when a familiar is summoned, and it is not restored when the familiar is dismissed.

Note that certain types of noted pouches (bloated leech, bronze minotaur, and other high shard pouches) can be sold to the ogre Bogrog to get up to 1 shard per 20 gold coins of pouch value.


Main article: Summoning scrolls

Summoning scrolls are required to perform a familiar's special move. The special moves the scrolls can perform vary widely and are tied to the familiar. You must have the familiar summoned that the scrolls are tied to in order to use them. You must also have enough energy on the special energy bar to perform the action. They are created from converting familiar pouches into scrolls at a Summoning obelisk. 1 familiar pouch can be converted into 10 Summoning scrolls that are tied to the familiar the pouch was fused with.


Main article: Pet

Pets are animals that follow you all around RuneScape and are purely for decorative/entertainment purposes - with the exception of the broav, which plays a part in While Guthix Sleeps, the Saradomin owl and the Zamorak hawk, which both provide protection from respective factions in the God Wars Dungeon, and the platypus, which can be used to obtain caskets. They are very similar, if not the same, as pet cats, which can be obtained from the Gertrude's Cat quest.

Clothes and armour


  • These items can only store scrolls that are used to attack.
  • Combat scrolls stored in headdresses will automatically be used at random intervals when you attack with no cost to Special move points while in a multi-combat zone with your familiar summoned and when you are wearing the headdress.
  • The scrolls stored in the headdress must match the familiar you have currently summoned for them to be used.
  • The non-specific Summoning items (e.g. Adamant full helm) can be enchanted by Pikkupstix, for free, to store Summoning scrolls if you meet requirements to do so.

The enchantable helms thus far:

Helm Scroll
Level To Enchant
Adamant full helm 50 20
Slayer helm 50 20
Snakeskin bandana 50 20
Splitbark helm 50 30
Rune full helm 60 30
Warrior helm 70 35
Berserker helm 70 35
Archer helm 70 35
Farseer helm 70 35
Helm of Neitiznot 90 45
Dragon medium helm 110 50
Lunar helm 110 55
Armadyl helm 120 60

To have the item disenchanted, speak to Pikkupstix and he will remove the enchantment for free.

  • The specific Summoning items (e.g. Antlers, Lizard skull, and Feather headdress) are the only items that require the summoning level to wear.
  • Some armour provides Summoning defence bonuses.


Summoning shops

There are Summoning shops in Taverley, Gu'Tanoth, and the Nature Grotto wishing well.

Pet shops

Main article: Pet shop

Pet shops exist in Yanille and Taverley. Players can buy pets and pet food at these stores.

Summoning obelisk

  • Summoning obelisks (as opposed to small obelisks) are fully charged with summoning energy and can be used to recharge summoning points. They can also be used to infuse pouches and scrolls. See summoning points and infuse pouches and scrolls the main article for a list of their locations.
  • Small obelisks are partially-charged with summoning energy and may be used to recharge summoning points, but not to infuse pouches or scrolls. They have many locations, such as Edgeville. For a complete list, please go to the main article.

Acquiring charms

There are 4 types of charms:

Notice: Obsidian, abyssal, talon beast, and all Void charms are not regular summoning charms as they are for specific summoning pouches and still require a charm plus the tertiary charm to make. (Example; a Spirit Tz-Kih pouch will require 64 Spirit Shards, 1 pouch, 1 crimson charm, AND an obsidian charm.)

Notice: Click on the charm for a full list of monsters with that charm as loot.

The Chaos Tunnels are one of the best areas to obtain charms. Players should be warned that the area is multicombat: see the main article for details.


Soul Wars

Slayer assignments

More information found on the Slayer page.

General combat

See Charm gathering for a list of monsters with high charm drop rates. Common monsters to kill for charms include rock lobsters, waterfiends, and cockroach soldiers.


A player wearing a Summoning cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.

See Summoning obelisk trips for a guide on fast trips to and from Summoning Obelisks.

Cape of accomplishment

Once a player has mastered the skill and reached level 99, Pikkupstix (in Taverley) will sell them a Summoning cape. Refer to the Capes guide for more details.


Main article: Summoning history
Date Update Description
15 January 2008 Summoning! Summoning was released.
17 January 2008 Summoning Changes Spirit shards halved in price from 50 coins to 25 coins, anyone who bought shards for 50 coins were given half of the money they spent for free as compensation.
31 March 2008 Summoning 2 Second batch of Summoning familiars released, timer was changed to a set amount of time per pouch, familiar abilities were boosted, combat familiars now gave combat experience, charm drops added to more monsters, headdresses released.
7 May 2008 Perils of Ice Mountain Bogrog will swap Summoning pouches for 70% of the spirit shards needed to make them.
15 October 2008 PvP Worlds Summoning is separated from overall combat level.
6 January 2009 In Pyre Need Phoenix familiars and pets released.
28 April 2009 Summoning Upgrade and Hairstyles Doubled the amount of pets players can have, added familiar timer renewal feature,
8 July 2009 Mobilising armies All functions of the Summoning interface moved to the Summoning icon near the mini-map.
18 August 2009 Familiar controls A new screen was implemented (the one shown above). A player reaches it by right clicking on the summoning icon and choosing Follower Details. The only difference is that now a player can choose for their follower to attack a selected target. As well as being able to configure what happens when the icon is clicked.

From the Update on 'Summoning Wallpaper #4' on the 27 March 2008, the picture alongside the article on the RuneScape homepage, when saved to your hard drive, has the name 'abyssal_titan.gif' showing yet another summoning familiar. This links with the Update description of 'It is element-ary that we would release a new wallpaper for something as titan-ic as Summoning 2.


  • Before the second Summoning update on 31 March 2008, players were able to renew their familiars timer by clicking a "renew timer" button in the summoning interface if the player had the correct number of summoning points left.
  • Until the update on 28 April 2009 each familiar stayed out for a set amount of time, no matter how many summoning points the player had left. Once the timer ran out, the familiar disappeared. Since this caused issues with Beasts of Burden, Jagex added the current timer renewal system.
  • The Run energy update on 9 June 2009 also changed the summoning icon located near the mini-map from File:Summoning.gif to File:OldSummoning.gif, but the next day it was changed to File:Summon icon.png, however the skill icon and the summoning tab icon remained unchanged.
  • Along with Mobilising Armies, the update on 8 July 2009 moved all the functions of the Summoning tab to the Summoning icon near the mini-map. Jagex cited the fact that it was only accessible some of the time as the reason for the change.
  • Previously, when your combat level increases due to levelling up in Summoning, you did not get the congratulations message for leveling up combat. This bug has been fixed.
  • A glitch seems to happen when you dismiss a familiar, sometimes as you dismiss it, it produces an item, then the system thinks you have an item inside an "Invisible Familiar". It is shown here: Click as it was later proved his ibis had an item.
  • In Postbag 7, Postie Pete asked if tortoise shells and proboscises would have a future use, referring to being tertiary ingredients in the War tortoise and spirit mosquito.
  • Familiars that restore run energy seem to increase more in the vicinity of a musician.
  • A kind of Summoning existed in DeviousMUD.
  • It is possible to have a combat of 13 with 99 summoning on an account with 1hp. (As a result of a RSC punishment method)
  • The lowest possible combat level to have level 99 summoning on an account made in RS2 is 15.
  • The Stray Dog can be thought of as a pet as it follows you like one.
  • As of 6 February 2010:
    • There are only 4,647 people with 99 Summoning.
    • No one has yet reached 200 million experience in Summoning. (Not even 95 million experience.)

See also

External links

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From TibiaWiki

This spell is in the Summon Spells class and has History
Image:Summon Creature.gif

Summon Creature

Spell Class: Instant Summon Spells
Spell Words: utevo res "creature name"
Exp Level: 25+
Premium: no
Used by: Druids and Sorcerers
(requires -- mana (variable))
Spell cost: 2000 gp.
Buy spell from: Ab'Dendriel (Druids only: Eroth), Ankrahmun, Carlin (Druids: Padreia), Shalmar (Darashia), Kazordoon, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Thais, Venore.
Effect: Summons a creature to help you.
Notes: One of the most useful spells. Change "creature name" for a creature to make it appear and help you.

See also:

Summoned Monster - a more complete guide to summons.

See: Complete list of spells.
Spellbook.gif Spells in
Attack Healing Summon
Berserk Death Strike Antidote Summon Creature
Divine Caldera Divine Missile Divine Healing Undead Legion
Energy Beam Energy Strike Heal Friend
Energy Wave Eternal Winter Intense Healing
Ethereal Spear Fierce Berserk Light Healing
Fire Wave Flame Strike Mass Healing
Great Energy Beam Groundshaker Ultimate Healing
Hell's Core Ice Strike Wound Cleansing
Ice Wave Rage of the Skies
Terra Strike Terra Wave
Whirlwind Throw Wrath of Nature
Support Supply
Blood Rage Cancel Invisibility Conjure Arrow Conjure Bolt
Challenge Charge Conjure Explosive Arrow Conjure Piercing Bolt
Creature Illusion Enchant Party Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Power Bolt
Find Person Great Light Conjure Sniper Arrow Enchant Spear
Haste Heal Party Enchant Staff Food
Invisible Levitate
Light Magic Rope
Magic Shield Protector
Protect Party Sharpshooter
Strong Haste Swift Foot
Train Party Ultimate Light

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

A Summon is performed when a monster is transferred from either the Main Deck, Extra Deck, Graveyard, Removed from Play pile, or hand to a face-up position on the Playing Field.

There exists a number of different types of Summonings.

Flip Summons, Special Summons, Fusion Summons, Ritual Summons, and Synchro Summons may be conducted as many times as you would like per turn, provided you have the cards to do so, and there are no cards in play restricting special summoning.

Sets and Tribute Sets are not treated as a Summon.

Facts about SummonRDF feed

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

This article is currently a work in progress. As such, it may contain some editing notes in addition to information. Please be patient, it is being worked on and will be in a finished state before long!

Summon can have several meanings:

  1. n. A creature/critter/object that has been summoned.
    • Usually referred to as a pet, but not all critters in the pet class are summons.
  2. adj. Describes a power or power set that does the summoning. <poor wording>
  3. v. The act of summoning or calling. (to summon)
    • eehhh

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