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Sumitra sector was a sector located within the Expansion Region near New Cov. Planets in Sumitra included Boordii, Flax, Tierfon and Alk'lellish III. The entire sector consisted of 12,387 planets and moons.

The Alliance to Restore the Republic had a Tierfon Sector Fleet there, and it was the site of the Tierfon Rebel Base during the Galactic Civil War, remaining in service into the years that saw the inauguration of the New Republic.[6]

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Behind the scenes

The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook indicates that Tierfon is in "Tierfon sector"; however, Heroes & Rogues, The Star Wars Sourcebook and Star Wars: Rebellion place places Tierfon in Sumitra sector. As such, "Tierfon sector" is here considered a colloquial name for Sumitra sector.

Sumitra sector was one of the many sectors included in Star Wars: Rebellion, which placed ten planets in the sector; however, Rebellion made numerous errors in its cartographic placement. As such, when its placements conflict with existing canon placements, they are overridden.[7] In the case of the Sumitra sector, that applies to Geedon V, Kashyyyk, Qat Chrystac, Woostri and Yavin. Geedon V is in the Ploo sector,[8] Kashyyyk is in the Mytaranor sector,[9] Qat Chrystac is in the Expansion Region, Woostri is in the Expansion Region,[10] and Yavin is in the Bright Jewel Oversector[11]


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