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Silik, a Suliban male, in 2151.

The Suliban are a humanoid species native to Sector 3641, and live as a nomadic race following the destruction of their homeworld in the 1850s.

As a humanoid species they are on a developmental stage that is quite similar to humans. Their only distinguishing feature were there three bronchial tubes, and their encounters with Vulcans and Denobulans were always very cordial. However, a terrorist group of Suliban known as the Cabal wanted to increase their rate of evolution and so experimented in genetically engineering themselves, by acting as tools for a mysterious agent from the future, as a group involved in the Temporal Cold War. ENT episode: "Broken Bow"

Despite living as nomads, by the early 22nd century, many Suliban had settled and were living normal lives in the Tandar Sector. However, that all changed in 2144, when the Cabal began to launch attacks against the Tandarans. In response to the attacks, the Tandarans rounded up all the Suliban and imprisoned them. (ENT episode: "Detained"

Prior to 2379, several Suliban had settled on Tiburon and were later joined by several Vanoben. The Tiburons themselves did not mix with the Suliban settlers. (TTN novel: The Red King)

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Silik, a male Suliban (genetically enhanced)

The Suliban were a nomadic humanoid species with limited shapeshifting ability, who played a 22nd century role in the Temporal Cold War. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


Fan continuities

Star Trek: Banshee Squadron

The Suliban went to Earth in the year 1935 and attempted to interfere in the events surrounding the destruction of the Hindenburg. They succeeded in destroying the Hindenburg, but subsequent history was preserved through the efforts of Banshee Squadron (VSF-6501).

Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk

In this alternate reality crossover, the Suliban joined forces with Voldemort and attacked the Federation during the 24th century.

Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR)

In 2268, the Suliban attempted to destroy Deep Space Station K-7. Their plans were foiled by the crew of a 24th century Federation starship, USS Pioneer, who found themselves accidentally transported back in time. ("Tribble Trouble")

RIS Bouteina

In 2385, the RIS Bouteina made a visit to the Cloaking Starbase, when its occupants claimed that it could solve the problems that plagued the ship when it used both cloaking device and multi-adaptive shielding at the same time. They ended up hijacking the ship, but the ship's crew finally stopped the hijcakers. (RIS Bouteina: "Cloak, baby, Cloak!")

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