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Kamikaze (Japanese for Divine Wind), was a tactic introduced in World War II by the Empire of Japan as a final attempt to kill Allied fleets, with pilots using their own planes as missiles, killing themselves in suicidal but devastating attacks on Allied capital ships.[1] Since World War II, suicidal tactics of most kinds, whether aerial or otherwise, have been termed Kamikaze. In the Halo Universe, it is commonly, though not exclusively, used by Unggoy troops due to their cannon-fodder status, and the general disregard for their morale by their Sangheili or Jiralhanae commanders.

Canon Incidents of Kamikazi

  • Occasionally during combat in Halo 3, Unggoy troops will enter a "berserk" mode, similar to that of the Jiralhanae, but instead will brandish a pair of ignited plasma grenades and rush the player. Headshots can easily deal with these Kamikaze Unggoy if spotted quickly, but if in large numbers, or if the player does not notice them until too late, they can be a devastating force.[2]
  • Suicide Unggoy are units produced by the Arbiter faction, which run at an enemy structure and ignite their gas tanks, producing an explosion greater than a grenade.[3]
  • Suicide Unggoy also feature in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, successfully deployed as a diversion to distract Spartan forces as a battalion of Sangheili make ready to attack the Core of Onyx.[4]
  • The Covenant are not the only faction that use Kamikaze tactics. During the Battle of Installation 00, pilots of Longsword fighters too damaged to return to their ships attempted to smash their fighters into enemy ships.[5]

Multiplayer Kamikaze Tactics

There are a number of ways to Kamikaze an enemy in multiplayer of Forge Mode:

  • Stick yourself with a Plasma Grenade. (Do this by throwing it into the air and "catching" it, throw it against a wall and let it bounce back at you, or look down and crouch, it exposes more of you, and throw a plasma grenade so it can stick to you) Immediately turn into Edit Mode before the grenade detonates. The grenade will not explode as long as you stay in Edit Mode. Approach another Forge player and turn back into Player Mode. The plasma grenade will detonate, possibly injuring and/or killing the other player.
  • A more common method is to get in a Banshee and look for a barricade of equipment or a large group of enemies, and look down at them, then use the boost and ram yourself into the target. This is not recommended in matchmaking, as kills are not guaranteed and if you are boarded or killed your team loses the Banshee, a huge disadvantage.


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