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Suicide Watch

Mister Lopez standing on the edge of the flight deck
location: Rivet City
given by: Mister Lopez
reward: karma

Guard watching Mister Lopez

As you can learn from various people in Rivet City, Mister Lopez is a suicidal resident, who is trying to end his life every single day. You can find him on the flight deck at the top of bridge tower every day from 8:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00, contemplating suicide. You can:

  • Help him to commit suicide by pushing him off the deck (you will receive negative karma).
  • Talk him into committing suicide by saying he's pathetic (also negative karma).
  • Use speech to convince him that Ted Strayer needs someone to give him guidance and that Lopez is the one to provide it (you will receive positive karma).
  • Push him off manually to his death (no karma change).
  • Shoot him with a weak weapon (obviously when there is no guard around, mentioned below), so that he runs off the edge by accident trying to get away from you (also no karma change).
  • Any of the options involving talking to Mister Lopez as opposed to brute force or a planned "accident" require a speech skill of 50 to convince him to either live or die.


  • If your speech is not high enough, you'll receive a note about Lopez's situation and you will be able to come back to him later when your speech skill is high.
  • You can't start a conversation with Lopez if there is a guard standing on the opposite side of the flight deck, instead he will ask you to leave him alone. Although sometimes on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version you can talk to him even if there is a guard on the opposite side.
  • If you stand next to Mr. Lopez instead of behind him, and choose the option to 'help' him, he will fall like a ragdoll to the ground and you can loot him. You can kill him by a simple push. This also results into negative karma.
  • This is most likely a reference to Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion's Shivering Isles quest, Final Resting, where Hirrus Clutumnus wants you to kill him. One of the ways to do this is by pushing him off a ledge.
  • Amusingly, if you decide to push him, and jump backwards away from the ledge, or simply stand between Mr. Lopez and the drop, he will flail about like normal, but land on the platform instead of falling off. This makes looting him easy, although he doesn't have much on him, minus his house key.
  • If you decide to kill Ted Strayer in the quest You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head or for any other reason the positive karma speech option isn't available.
  • You can also convince him to jump, and then talk to him quickly so it stalls him long enough to mezz him and enslave him. Thus keeping him alive, and giving you the negative karma for both actions. Jump off the tower and land in the water so you can still interact safely in Rivet City.
  • You can push Mister Lopez then, if you are quick enough, grab him to keep him from falling.
  • If you decide to talk him out of suicide, he can later on be found talking to Ted Strayer about teaching him how to read.
  • If you push him from behind, you can jump off the ledge after him, his body breaking your fall so you have 1 HP left. Then you can loot his body and travel back to Rivet City, having earned no negative karma. (Very risky, not recommended. It may depend on your max health and which ledge he/you fall onto. It is easier to just take the long route down to find his body.)


  • Negative or positive Karma
Rivet City

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