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Real Name
Current Alias



Genegineer, Seattle Core (AOA)


Base Of Operations
Genosha, Formerly the Seattle Core


6' 9"

400 lbs (182 kg)



Unusual Features
Four arms, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and a very long tongue.


First appearance

Generation Next #2
(April, 1995)




Age of Apocalypse

Sugar Man was originally from an alternate timeline where Apocalypse conquered North America and mutants ruled the planet. Sugar Man ran the human work camps in the Pacific Northwest—specifically the Core—which housed thousands of humans. Magneto required a mutant with chrono-variant (time travel) powers in order to go back in time and restore reality to its proper order before the death of Professor X, whose existence was revealed by the displaced mutant Bishop. Apocalypse had ruthlessly killed all mutants with that power so no one could undermine his regime, but Know-It-All found one mutant with latent chrono-variant powers—Illyana Rasputin, the sister of Generation Next leader, Colossus.

Magneto sent the fledgling group to the Core to rescue her, costing all of the young members, with the exception of Husk, their lives. Sugar Man encountered the group and killed several members himself, including Vincente and Mondo. Illyana was successfully rescued, however, and Sugar Man was seemingly destroyed. In reality, he had lost most of his mass from being attacked and was minuscule. He hid himself in Colossus' boot and accompanied Illyana, Shadowcat, Colossus, and the X-Men in their assault on Apocalypse's citadel.


During the assault, Sugar Man took advantage of the chaos to escape, jumping into the M'Kraan crystal—the Nexus of all realities—and vanished. He appeared in the normal timeline, arriving at an unspecified location some twenty years in the past. Sugar Man then traveled to Genosha, where he contacted the Genegineer and gave him the formula for the "mutate bonding process" which forcibly enslaved hundreds of mutants under human Magistrates. He worked in secret, occasionally showing himself to torment X-Man or others. Sugar Man remained hidden until after Genosha was destroyed by the wild Sentinel attack on the island orchestrated by Cassandra Nova.

After Genosha was destroyed, Sugar Man re-emerged in an attempt to kill a band of Magistrates who were exploring the island with Dark Beast. Callisto and Karima Shapandar confronted Sugar Man and appeared to kill him with a pipe through the head. However, again, Sugar Man was somehow able to survive this injury as well. While his current location has not been revealed, he was one of the scientists contacted by Beast in his efforts to undo the effects of M-Day. Sugar Man declined the request for help, telling him that the price would be too high for Beast to afford.

Powers and Abilities


Powerful Tongue: He has a tongue of indeterminate length that is able to pierce almost anything, including stone, steel and even beings in gaseous or liquid form.

Ability to alter body mass and size: He is also able to control his own mass. If he loses mass, the lost mass is shunted off to some unknown location, presumably an extra-dimensional space and he shrinks in size. It's unknown how long it takes him to regain his normal size.


Sugar Man is a genius regarding anything to do with genetics. He even produced the mutate bonding process as explained above.



He is normally seen with a hammer and an axe.


  • In X-Men Omega, he is said to not be "particularly bright". This contradicts later events which show him as one of the smartest beings on the planet.


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