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Sudden-Death Overtime
leader(s): Goalie Ledoux
locations: Nuka-Cola Factory
Goalie Ledoux, Centre Dubois, Winger Gervais, Winger Mercier (deceased)
Goalie Ledoux, captain of the team

Sudden-Death Overtime is an ice hockey gang who wants to bring the ice hockey-mania back to America (though referring to them as "ice gangs" and believing the point of the sport is to fight). Goalie Ledoux refers in his speech to ice hockey terms like: 'have a face-off' or 'cross sticks one day'. They spawn in front of the Red Racer Factory only if you have obtained the Formula from the Nuka-Cola Factory.



There are several members of the team/gang:

Team Notes

  • All of the "players" have the names of actual French-Canadian hockey players.
  • Interestingly, Sudden Death Overtime does not have nearly enough players to ice an entire hockey team. Goalie Ledoux makes note of this after learning that one of his members, Winger Mercier, has died.

Special Item

Goalie Ledoux wears a unique mask named Ledoux's Hockey Mask that gives the wearer +25 Action Points and has a damage resistance of 4. It also does not degrade.

Killing Ledoux

  • There is no Karma penalty for murdering Ledoux and his group.
  • Along with no karma penalty for killing Ledoux, you will sometimes find a finger on his corpse (which you find on any evil NPC in the game once you have the Lawbringer perk). This is somewhat reasonable as the team is willing to kill the Player if he doesn't want to sell the formula, thus making them somewhat of a more diplomatic group of Raiders.

Related quests


  • Sudden Death Overtime will NOT appear at the Red Racer Factory if you've already completed The Nuka-Cola Challenge. However, once you do trigger their appearance, they will remain at their positions for the rest of the game, even after you finish the "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" quest.
  • It is possible to collect the reward without losing the formula. After getting the formula you can leave it somewhere, like at your house or in your follower's inventory, and go talk to Goalie Ledoux. He will give you the reward (250 caps and if you pass the speech check 400 caps) and remain in front of the Red Racer Factory. If the player decides to kill Ledoux, he will find the Clear Nuka-Cola Formula on him therefore gaining the second Nuka-Cola Clear Formula.


After finishing the Just for the Taste of It quest, Ledoux remains in front of the Red Racer Factory, while Gervais and Dubois run off towards the Nuka-Cola factory. If they reach the Nuka-Cola factory, they'll go inside, and appear to get stuck just in front of the front door.


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