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The Subterra is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is the subterranean levels of the Pharos at Ridorana.



The Subterra is the underground areas of the Pharos at Ridorana. The only way to access it is by finishing the Pharos event first.

To enter the Subterra, players have to use the Dais of Ascendance located at the center of the Pharos near the Gate Crystal. It will take players down to the first level, Penumbra. From there, players need to obtain Black Orbs to unlock the entrances to the other levels: Umbra and Abyssal.





It is recommended that players be at Level 66+ and have strong weapons, armor, and accessories that guard against Confuse in order to survive this area. It is also useful to stock up on your items, especially Vaccines, Phoenix Downs, Antidotes, and Eyedrops just in case a Ribbon is not available. Gambits for Arise, Steal, and Curaja are also useful. Also, it is strongly advised NOT to equip the Diamond Armlet while searching chests in Subterra as the only thing you will get is a Knot of Rust, thus losing a chance at obtaining some excellent equipment.

The player will fight a multitude of enemies in this, and the levels below, that will supply the player with Black Orbs in order to move around properly. Black orbs are obtained from defeating enemies inside the rooms on each level. The pedestals at the corner rooms will take the orbs in the amount equivalent to the size of the adjacent rooms. The player is expected to place no less than three orbs and no more than eighteen orbs in any given room on this floor in order to properly light the way.

The Phoenix can also be fought at any time. It can be found by entering either of the rooms to the north of the ring and finding the door to the room in between the two, which is unmarked on the map. It is not required to light up all the rooms already to fight Phoenix, but it is recommended.

Once all the pedestals are lit properly and the Phoenix defeated, the way to Umbra is opened.


The inner ring of Umbra is somewhat easier than the Penumbra, as the monsters that appear will be much slower and easier to escape from.

In the rooms, the enemies will be mostly Dead Bones and Necrofiends. Holy-elemental weapons are very useful in this area against the undead foes.

Again, defeating the enemies and using the Black Orbs that they drop is the only way to proceed to the lower level.


Dead Bones and Necrofiends reside in the Inner Ring of Abyssal. As they spawn quite constantly, extra caution must be taken when traveling this level.

Zombie Warlocks and Necrofiends will be holding the Black Orbs in Abyssal's rooms. After collecting the correct amount of Black Orbs and using them on the pedestals appropriately, the way to the final floor is opened.

Hell's Challenge

After lighting up the pedestals in the Abyssal floor, a new destination appears at the Dais of Ascendance.

If the Phoenix has not yet been defeated, the player is prevented from reaching the final area by a "mysterious force" and returned to the the First Ascent.

However, if the Phoenix has been defeated, the mysterious force disappears and allows the player to access this new floor. This floor contains the hunt mark Shadowseer if the bill has already been accepted from Montblanc.

This floor is only accessible preceding the Shadowseer Elite Mark. After the Hunt is completed, the player cannot return to Hell's Challenge.

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