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The Elfa, a type of submersible.

Submersibles were small vehicles used almost exclusively in mining operations on gas and water planets. They had limited mobility and mostly came in small one-man designs. Several companies designed luxury submersibles that could be used in tours or for private use.

The amnesiac Revan and two of his party members used a submersible to descent to a secret Republic kolto-harvester station on Manaan in their quest for the underwater Star Map. Darth Bandon and his aides might have also used a submersible (or multiple submersibles) to catch up with Revan and confront him.

Lando Calrissian employed submersibles in a variety of ventures, including one involving the mining of Corusca gems on the planet Yavin Prime. Several submersibles were in use on Calrissian's GemDiver Station.


Notable submersible producing companies

Manaan submersible.



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