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Styxx joined the then PWA in the Spring of 2004 and debuted on the first Pyromania Show defeating Robb Larsen in what was at the time an unassuming bout.

Styxx then gained the oppotunity of a lifetime as he was quickly accepted into the cYnical lead Bad Mamma Jammas as the groups third member and went into a tag team with the crowd favourote, Sheepster. Despite both men maintaining tht they shouldn't team together the chemistry was immediately evident and within 4 matches together won the World Tag Team Championship. Syxx scored the pinfall after a top rope piledriver to Kris Marion ( This would be the only time Styxx would use the move in his career as Marion nearly suffered a broken neck and his career never recovered).

cYnical however was not impressed with the rookies fast fame and demanded more from him. This included challenging Styxx to a Hardcore Championship match at the next show which Styxx pulled off what was considered the upset of that year to that point. However the win came due to cYnical's rising of a recently deceased Robb Larsen who inadvertantly cost cYnical the match and the championship. Styxx was the first man to become a dual champion in the company's history.

Styxx became increasingly frustrated as the year ended, feeling more like a fourth level pinch hitter for the BMJ's despite being a dual champion ( Austin and Robb had joined the BMJ's in the meantime.) And eventually it would cost Styxx both the Hardcore ( Morpheus) and the Tag Team Championships ( Showstoppa and SFS). This led to Styxx leaving the group and becoming determined to destroy the remaining members of the group.

By the middle of 2006 the BMJ's had reunited and had won the tag team championship back becoming the first two time tagchampions in the history of the company. The reunion was short lived and Sheepster would be sidelined for 12 months with a torn ACL. Red Dragon immediately took the replacement role but it was a ruse. Dragon was working with Public Enemy Number # 1 members Rik and Damion Kross to eliminate both BMJ heroes and steal the tag team championship. Despite taking the tag title, Styxx managed to gain some measure of revenge by defeating Dragon in a Loser Leaves Inferno match.

After a string of high profile wins over men like Random and former World Champion X, Styxx entered the Television Title Gauntlet coming in 2nd when Ken Ryans eliminated both himself and Innilock at the same time. This started a minor feud between both men which cultimated in Styxx being severly burned in an Inferno Match at the Dead Reckoning PPV in early 2008.

In the meantime nothing has been directly heard from Styxx and no one is certain where he is, or what he will do upon his return.


  • Primary Finisher

Terror Cutter ( Reverse DDT into Swinging Stunner. Reverse Swinging Neckbreaker.)

  • Seconadary Finisher

Ganso STRETCH ( Double Underhook Powerbomb into the Figure 4 leglock)

FMW Titles Held

LPW Titles Held

World Tag Team Championship Twice Hardcore Championship

  • None

Other important notes


Views on Cheating:

Spots: If in a Hardcore match will try and do as many table spots as possible.

Wrestling Style: Power, Hardcore, Submission.

Will: Strut around the ring if in control. Will be liable to snap and dismantle his opponents.

Won't: Do any situations where he becomes a scapegoat or sacrifice.


  • Possibly members of the Black Covenent

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