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Planet of origin


Average length

1 meter

Hair color

Yellow, tan, gold


Fangs, rippling flabby skin, obnoxious odor

Strills were highly intelligent, carnivorous Mandalorian hunting animals.


Biology and appearance

Strills had six legs and large, fanged mouths. Their bodies were about one meter long, lengthened by a whip-like tail, which, like the rest of their bodies, was covered in blubbery, loose flaps of skin. The skin was not bare, but covered with short fur, of a gold tan color. Though this is the only color mentioned for the species, other colors or hues may have been in existence. The majority of this loose skin was used as flaps for gliding and flying; they could soar great distances and carry incredible loads while gliding and/or flying. Most were known for their horrible smell due to the fact that they made no attempts to clean out their folds of excess skin. Strills lived much longer than standard humanoids (around 200-260 years approximately), and were hermaphroditic, that is, they had both male and female reproductive organs.


Strills made a variety of noises, including baying while hunting and moans or whines to indicate distress. They would also grumble or even squeak to show delight. Strills drank milk and preferred to eat their kill after a hunt. They were extremely loyal and protective over those who would see themselves as their masters, but were also quite independent and territorial. Most beings saw these creatures as fearsome predators, as they were, but they were surprisingly excellent with children.


Due to the species' relatively long lives, well-trained strills were often passed down through Mandalorian families as a family tradition. Walon Vau had a pet strill named Lord Mirdalan before and during the Clone Wars, which was later passed down to Jaing Skirata. Lord Mirdalan was very fond of Etain Tur-Mukan's child and would build nests for the baby, to the disgust of Ordo Skirata, as they were usually made out of his bed sheets.

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