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Luke Skywalker

"He doesn't like people, but has learned to overcome his need for isolation. His affinity is for the wind and weather."
Luke Skywalker

Streen was an elderly Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order. Working as a tibanna gas prospector on Bespin for most of his life, he preferred to live in isolation. Due to his latent Force abilities his mind was constantly bombarded with the thoughts and feelings of other sentients, causing him great discomfort.

In 11 ABY, Luke Skywalker discovered him and offered to teach him how to tolerate the company of others. Streen accompanied him to Yavin 4 as one of the inaugural students at the Jedi Praxeum. He went on to become a key Jedi in the Order, being promoted to Master and looking after the Praxeum on many occasions.



Life on Bespin

"I am so used to being alone that I can only stand so much in the way of company."
―Streen to Corran Horn

A Human male from Bespin, Streen was a tibanna gas prospector, using his Force talents to detect eruptions of tibanna gas. Due to his untrained Force-sensitivity, Streen was not killed during the Great Jedi Purge. His mind was constantly bombarded with the thoughts and feelings of other sentients, increasing his discomfort when the Galactic Empire took over control of Bespin. This led him to seek a life of isolation in the abandoned floating city of Tibannopolis, where he found companions in the rawwks.

Streen was already advanced in years when Luke Skywalker, accompanied by Gantoris, came to Bespin in 11 ABY to recruit him as a Jedi. Gantoris demonstrated the use of the Force by manipulating the rawwks, which deeply disturbed Streen. Nonetheless, he was attracted by Luke's promise to teach him mental discipline so that he could tolerate the company of other sentient beings.

Jedi training

"Before you use your lightsabers, let me move the wind. The storm is my ally."
―Streen on Corbos
Streen as a Jedi student.

Streen was one of Luke's original twelve students at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, demonstrating a natural talent for manipulating wind, weather and creatures of the air. He found a good friend in the Dathomiri witch Kirana Ti. Together, the two Jedi explored the Massassi temples of the Yavin 4 jungles. Streen's sensitivity to the Force allowed the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun to whisper into his mind just as he had done to Gantoris. Streen resisted his invitations, but was not able to avoid his manipulations when Kun tricked him into attacking Luke, believing it was Kun himself. Streen tried to fling the body out of the Grand Audience Chamber, utilizing his power over the wind. Tackled by Kirana Ti, he came out of his trance and realized his nearly fatal mistake. To redeem himself, he demanded to stand guard over the comatose Luke. Streen would later join with the rest of the students to defeat Kun, preventing Kun from using his throat-constricting trick against the students.

Streen and Dorsk 82 on Corbos.

When fellow Jedi student Dal Konur turned to the dark side and set out to massacre the Imperial Remnant's Council of Moffs, he impersonated Streen on a number of planets to disguise his activities.

Streen was present in 12 ABY, when Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron warned the Jedi Praxeum of an impending attack by Admiral Daala and Gilad Pellaeon and was the first to detect their arrival in-system. He personally took out four TIE fighters using a Force wind to smash them together. Retreating into the Great Temple, the Jedi trainees devised a plan of action. Dorsk 81 would act as a focal point for their Force powers and attempt to push the 17 orbiting Imperial I-class Star Destroyers out of the system. Streen participated in this incredible Force feat, successful, though it would claim the life of Dorsk.

Continuing to round up the remaining ground forces, Streen went into the jungle with Kirana Ti, where he destroyed two further AT-STs using Force wind, while she took out a third using Gantoris's old lightsaber.

Streen battles the Leviathan on Corbos.

Shortly after becoming Jedi Knights, Streen and Kirana Ti accompanied Dorsk 82 and Kyp Durron to the planet Corbos at the request of Master Skywalker. There, after Durron had killed a leviathan of Corbos, Streen and the other Jedi discovered the leviathan's nest of larvae in the ruins of the mining colony's operations center. The first leviathan's death awoke an even larger and more powerful leviathan, and it taxed the efforts of all four of the Jedi to defeat the monster.

During the Disciples of Ragnos crisis, Streen was dispatched with Tionne to investigate locations, from which the Disciples may have siphoned Force energy.[1] Having completed the task, he mostly remained at the Jedi Praxeum and set about deciphering tablets known as the Books of Massassi, which revealed many of the self-perceived insignificance of the Massassi people of Yavin 4, a desire for perfection that had left them vulnerable to the dark side domination of Exar Kun. At the time of the Black Fleet Crisis, Streen had completed the translation of sixteen of these tablets.

Streen was promoted to Jedi Master around 16 ABY, when Luke went on a quest to search for his supposed mother Nashira with Akanah, one of the Fallanassi. Streen was often left in charge of the Jedi Praxeum while Luke was on missions. At the Praxeum, he served as an instructor alongside Tionne, Kam Solusar, Ikrit, and Kyle Katarn. Streen was one of the many Jedi to attend the wedding of Luke and Mara Jade in the Jedi Headquarters in 19 ABY.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

Streen during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Streen was one of several Jedi supporting Luke Skywalker over Kyp Durron's more aggressive tactics. He was present at the Conclave on Yavin 4. He also warned Luke to be wary of the defector Elan. After the fall of Duro, the Jedi Praxeum was attacked by the Peace Brigade while Streen was on Corellia with Peckhum, procuring supplies for the Praxeum. The Jedi students managed to evacuate the moon with the help of Anakin Solo and Talon Karrde, although during the fight, Master Ikrit was lost. Streen did join the trainees upon Booster Terrik's Star Destroyer Errant Venture and later at the hidden refuge within the Maw black hole cluster.

Streen joined efforts with a number of other Jedi in trying to discover the location of the voxyn queen. Specifically, he searched the logs of the captured ship Sweet Surprise for any gaps. The combined effort of the Jedi, especially scientist-healer Cilghal would pinpoint Myrkr as the location, leading to the mission to Myrkr. Streen would support Jacen Solo in arguing against the mission but eventually it would go ahead, successful but with heavy losses. During the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, Streen joined several other Jedi serving aboard vessels in the Galactic Alliance fleet. There, Streen joined in with the Force Meld to help coordinate the allied forces.

At the war's end, Streen accompanied Kirana Ti and Damaya to Dathomir, where they co-founded a new Jedi Praxeum for Force-sensitive witches. He was later present at the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker.[2]


Streen using his power


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