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Stray dog
File:Stray Dog.gif
Release date Unknown edit
Race Dog
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Varrock
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Not Mentioned
Examine "Are those fleas all over it?" or "A mangy mutt."
Notable features Can be shooed or given bones or raw and cooked meat.
A player shooing away a stray dog.

Stray dogs are dogs that roam around Varrock.

Players can interact with stray dogs in the following ways:

  • Shoo - It can be shooed away "Thbbbbt!", causing it to whine and run away. If ignored, it will follow for a certain amount of time, and then it will leave to find a different player to follow. Players can shoo away a dog even if it is following someone else.
  • Feed - It can be fed bones (which is an easy task of the Varrock Diary), Raw, and Cooked meat. When players feed it, it happily barks, and will follow for a certain amount of time. If fed with more food, it will continue following, but will not enter any buildings. If it is fed with something other than food, it will growl. If the thing is inedible, the dog will growl and not eat it. A borrowed object can never be eaten by a stray dog.
  • With cats - If there is a cat on the ground while near a stray dog, then it will bark at the cat. Many players (especially younger players) object to this harassment of their well loved pet, and in turn use the Shoo function.

Players who are fighting the guards at the west gate can use the stray dog as an obstacle to avoid retaliation from the guards. This is done by positioning the dog between the player and the targeted guard. This can be especially useful for low-level players and those who wish to save food when training.

Before summoning was released, players could have cats as pets but not dogs. The only dogs were these stray dogs or attackable NPCs. Many players thought that this was biased and unfair.


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