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General Information
Aprox. Size Large
Purpose Construction and Mining

The Strato-Sentinel was a Forerunner Sentinel variant. They were designed to strip mine the resource moon located in the middle of Installation 00[1], to help in the construction of a Halo ring, such as the newly constructed Installation 04 as seen in the Halo 3 levels The Covenant and Halo, and were also used with the construction of the Portal on Earth, in the present-day country of Kenya [2].

One of the concepts for the multiplayer level Blackout had the map set in the partially destroyed insides of a Strato-Sentinel orbiting the Ark's strip mining moon.[1]


  • Strato-Sentinels were originally planned to appear in Halo 3, but wound up being cut from the game.
  • The word "Strato" in the Sentinel's name is most likely derived from Latin, as "Strato" is the ablative form of "Stratus", meaning "stretched out" or "extended".[3]
  • Strato-Sentinels have only appeared in Halo 3: The Cradle of Life and Halo Legends' Origins.



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