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Strago Magus
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Strago's in-game sprite Strago's menu sprite
Japanese name Stragus Magus
Kana ストラゴス・マゴス
Romaji Sutoragosu Magosu
Job Blue Mage
Skill Lore
Limit Break Sabre Soul
Age 70
Birthday June 12
Height 4'11" (1.51 m)
Weight 94 lb (43 kg)
Blood Type O
Birthplace Thamasa
Treasure Collection of Monster Costumes
Loves Monsters
Final Fantasy VI Character
"An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters..."
—SNES description
"An elderly gentleman who has spent his whole life pursuing the secrets of monsters..."
—GBA description

Strago Magus is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is from the remote town of Thamasa, and lives with his (possibly adoptive) granddaughter, Relm Arrowny. He is a Blue Mage, and is a Mage, one of the descendants of the humans who fought during the War of the Magi. His Japanese name is Stragus.


Development Information

During development, Strago had a 65-year-old wife named Lara. They often had amusing arguments, with each one claiming the other will die first. She was eventually cut from the game.[1]

Character and Appearance

Strago is a small, elderly man from Thamasa. He's seen wearing loose fitting clothes and a bright, red cape. His white hair is styled in a sort of mohawk, and he has large bushy eyebrows, with a white moustache and beard.

As a character, Strago is very overprotective of Relm, not letting her join the party when she asked to. In fact, many assume that Relm is his adopted granddaughter. Undeterred by his old age, Strago is energetic and spirited. He is also seen making many mistakes, which Relm scolds him for constantly. Despite this, he's a brave old man, and isn't willing to back down from an enemy.


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Strago's SD artwork

Strago grew up in Thamasa with his friend Gungho. Together, they would hunt a beast known as Hidon, but would always fail. He was overprotective of Relm, who some townspeople believed was merely his adopted granddaughter; it was never confirmed either way.

When Terra Branford, Locke Cole, and Shadow came to visit him and ask him about Espers, Strago denied their existence, but invited them to stay at the inn for a low price of 1 GP. However, during the night, Relm was caught in a burning building. Strago tried using Ice spells to put the fire out, but to no avail. The Mayor of Thamasa revealed that Magic was forbidden. Strago asked Terra and Locke to help him. The three went inside the burning building and rescued Relm, but were cornered by flames. Shadow and Interceptor had to save them. Afterwards, Strago explained his abilities to Terra and Locke, and agreed to help them find the Espers. Relm asked if she could go, but Strago wouldn't let her. She followed anyway, and caught up with them during a fight with Ultros. They all continued on to where the Espers were, and Terra spoke to their leader, Yura, and convinced them to negotiate peace with General Leo Cristophe and the Gestahlian Empire. However, the peace was revealed to be a plan by Kefka Palazzo to get more Magicite. Kefka's plan was a success, and Strago and Relm joined the others in the fight against him.

Chibi Strago

One year after the Apocalypse, Strago joined the Cult of Kefka. Relm had to snap him back to his senses, which she did. Together, they went back to Thamasa to find an injured Gungho, who told them that he found Hidon again. Strago went to fight him one last time, and eventually defeated him. Strago then celebrated with Gungho.

In the ending, Strago and Relm have several arguments as they escape Kefka's Tower.

Equipment and Stats

Strago is clearly a mage in his stats, with low HP, vigor, defense and speed, but high magic power and MP. His equipment draw is limited to daggers and mage rods in the weapon department, and he can only equip universal shields. His armor consists of mage gear and animal suits.

In the GBA version Strago gains the Stardust Rod.


Strago is a Blue Mage, and his special ability is to use Blue Magic, which in this game is called Lore. Lore is the only special ability other than Magic to cost MP. Strago learns new Lores by watching an enemy perform the skill. Unlike in other games, Strago does not have to be hit with the spell to learn it, he only has to "see" it. If Strago is inflicted with Blind at the time of the spell's execution, he will fail to learn it.

Musical Themes

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Strago's theme is named after him, and is the main theme played in the town of Thamasa. The theme is mixed into the ending.

Appearances in Other Games

Strago and others in Secret of Evermore

Strago, along with other Final Fantasy VI characters, made an appearance in Secret of Evermore.


Magus is the Latin word for "Wizard". Its plural, Magi is the term used to describe the humans that were infused with Esper magic during the War of the Magi.


  • Strago has the distinction of being either the oldest or the second oldest human playable character in any Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Cid Pollendina is 71 years old, however, in the World of Ruin Strago is also 71 years old.


  1. V-Jump issue (in Japanese)

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