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Stouker concussion rifle
Production information

Sissk; Stouker


Stouker concussion rifle


Concussion rifle

Physical and technical specifications

400 magazine capacity (heavy shot and explosive shot)


30 meters

Usage and history

Rebellion era;New Republic era


The Stouker concussion rifle was a ranged weapon built from scratch by the vicious Sissk, who used it as their primary weapon. The device became somewhat of a trademark of the Sissk gangs due to its unconventional construction, but by the end of the Galactic Civil War it had become widely adopted across the galaxy by various military forces, most notably the Imperial Remnant.

The Sissk had their own, unknown term for the weapon. Outsiders dubbed it the "Stouker concussion rifle" after its primary component, a concussion chamber made by the Stouker company.

The Stouker rifle was a weapon that fired a concussive blast at a range of up to thirty meters, creating an explosion about four meters in diameter, with enough force to send an average human flying a short distance. It also possessed a secondary firing mode, the blast from which was less devastating in terms of radius, but had a greater impact on the target, as well as a rather noticeable recoil - sufficient to push an ordinary humanoid two or three steps backward with each shot.

The weapon's inability to be blocked by a lightsaber, and the splash damage from the primary firing mode, made this one of the more effective weapons against Jedi, although a skilled Jedi (such as, possibly, Jaden Korr) could redirect a concussive blast in the general direction of its origin with a well-timed Force Push. Hazard troopers of the Imperial Remnant were known to wield these weapons. Rax Joris, an Imperial officer in command of an outpost on Dosuun, also used one.

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Behind the scenes

In Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the Stouker concussion rifle was rarely effective against Force-using enemies in the single-player story mode as, apparently, all such foes were exceptionally skilled in Force pushing incoming explosive projectiles of all kinds—including concussion shots—back toward the player, even if the player moved after firing.This same tactic also applies to the PLX-2M portable missile launcher.


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