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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Storm Dragon
Japanese ストームドラゴン
Romaji Sutōmu Doragon
SNES Name Storm Drgn
PS Name StrmDrgn
GBA Name Storm Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Storm Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is located in Mt. Zozo. After a lever is pressed in the mountain, a treasure chest opens which frees the dragon. The Dragon must be "caught" once released by standing in its flight path. Despite the fact that it is the first of the Eight Dragons normally fought, many players consider it the hardest to defeat. It attacks with Rage, Wind Slash, Aero, and Cyclonic, the latter of which is especially dangerous in a battle in which the enemy uses lots of multi-target attacks. Its special, Wing Sabre, deals high damage to a single target, and it counterattacks often.

A good strategy is to equip someone with the Thunder Shield. This will null Wind Slash and Aero. Someone else, usually Edgar or Celes, should equip the Enhancer and the Aegis Shield, which gives him or her 60% MBlock. If it is Celes with this set up, she can equip a Mystery Veil to boost her MBlock further. Edgar has to settle for the Priest's Miter if he wants to. Edgar should attack with his Chainsaw, Sabin should attack with Phantom Rush if he went to visit Duncan, and Celes and Setzer should cast Thundara.

In the Dragons' Den, the Storm Dragon is greatly improved. Not only is its arsenal of attacks and spells vastly superior to its previous set, but it has sickeningly high Evasion and MBlock. It may start off the battle with Cyclonic, knocking off a very large amount of HP. Once it reaches 25,600 HP, Storm Dragon will try to set Image and Haste on itself, accompanied by the text "Storm Dragon cloaks itself in wind! Speed and evasion increased!" (neither works; it is immune to Image in the first place, and its Slow immunity prevents Haste from taking effect).

The best chance to inflict damage against the revamped version is to use spells and moves that are unavoidable. Defeating the Storm Dragon grants the player Edgar's ultimate weapon, the Longinus.


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