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Final Fantasy IV Advance Enemy
Storm Dragon
HP Strength Magic
40,000 139 22
Defense Magic Defense
4 33
32,000 0
Location Cave of Trials
Type Dragon
Item Dropped N/A
Abilities Maelstrom, Tornado
Weak Against Ice
Resistant to Poison, Blind, Silence, Pig, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Curse, Gradual Petrify
Immune to N/A
Absorbs Fire
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The Storm Dragon is a boss in the Game Boy Advance version of Final Fantasy IV. Appearing only in the new Cave of Trials dungeon, the Storm Dragon protects Yang's ultimate weapon in the final room, the Hand of Gods. It uses strong physicals and Tornado, which does upwards of a thousand damage to the party, sometimes almost two thousand. It can also use Maelstrom, which will reduce the party to near-fatal status. It is recommended to bring Rosa and Porom to the battle as they can quickly heal the party, although with their low HP they will almost certainly be killed by Tornado. Yang and Cecil should attack. The fifth party member should be Kain or Cid, to provide attack strength and to survive Tornado.

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