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Race: Sontaran
Home Planet: Sontar
Appearances: DW: The Invasion of Time
Actor: Derek Deadman

Stor was a Commander in the Sontaran Special Space Service and the leader of the forward task force in the attempted Sontaran invasion of Gallifrey. He was identified from the other soldiers in his unit by a large rim on his helmet along with a bold white crown logo above the enlarged eye holes. The logo was similar to (if not the same as) the one on Linx's helmet where it was made out of dots. He also did not wear gauntlets, unlike the rest of his troops. Stor was equipped with a side-arm, communications equipment, and at least one grenade.

His mission was to seize and hold the Capitol and open the transduction barrier further so that the rest of the invasion force could land. Stor was killed when the the Doctor activated the forbidden Gallifreyan De-mat Gun which took Stor and his unit out of time and space- it also wiped the Doctor's memory of the events of the Sontaran and Vardan Invasion. (DW: The Invasion of Time)

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Biographical information

4 BBY, Carida

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Empire

Stor was a student of the Academy of Carida, graduating in 4 BBY. During his graduation, he served as Cadet Company Commander; when his company was marching towards the cliff, he forgot to call halt, and as a result the first rank fell to their deaths.

Stor later committed suicide by jumping off the same cliff. His death was upheld by the instructors at the Academy as a mark of honor and responsibility.


  • Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire (Mentioned only)

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