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The Stone of Jas, as seen in While Guthix Sleeps.

The Stone of Jas, also referred to as The Eye of Saradomin, and The Fist of Guthix, is an incredibly ancient object, one of Gielinor's oldest and most mysterious potencies, pre-dating even the First Age and the arrival of Guthix.

The Stone of Jas is perhaps the most solid evidence of the Elder Gods and an age prior to what many believe to be the creation of the world. Its origins and early purpose are unknown. It remains one of RuneScape's most cryptic mysteries. Apparently, the Stone of Jas was used by the gods to create Gielinor, including all life and magic upon it. It was the Stone that gave the rune essence its power.

During While Guthix Sleeps, exposure to the Stone of Jas temporarily boosts combat stats to level 255 as well as providing 400,000 experience (4 lots of 100,000 each) for a player to use in any skills over level 65.


History of the Stone

The Stone of Jas in While Guthix Sleeps

Jas may have been an individual, as is hinted at by the Oracle and the quest log after completing While Guthix Sleeps.

The Stone was found by Guthix when he arrived in Gielinor at the start of the First Age. Although his exact use for it is unknown, Melzar the Mad believes that Guthix actually needed the Stone to wield many of the godly powers for which he is known. With it, he seems to have created the Anima Mundi, the soul of Gielinor and all who would come to live upon it. He then used it to create life, including many races, creatures, and flora. Other races arrived through Guthix's creations such as the Portal of Life and the World Gate, suggesting that Guthix did not use the Stone to create all of the world's early inhabitants.

Guthix would then use the Stone's immense power to create the magic of Gielinor, creating with it runes that allowed certain races to wield magic. When the First Age ended and Guthix descended into the earth to rest, the Stone faded from history for thousands of years. The runes Guthix created would also fade from history, with humans apparently losing any knowledge of them by the late Second Age.

Shortly after the end of the God Wars, the Fist of Guthix was created. Although its nature remains a mystery, the Fist bears a striking resemblance to the Stone of Jas. Some players go as far to say the Stone of Jas is the Fist of Guthix, but this is unconfirmed. Another theory, more likely, is that Guthix attempted to destroy the Stone, it being the object around which the God Wars was centred, by using his fist to drive it into the ground. However, it being an artefact of a higher being, he was unable to, and merely ended up imprinting it both physically and magically into the ground, creating the Fist of Guthix.

V------ discovers the Stone of Jas

The Stone of Jas would not resurface until the beginning of the Fifth Age, when it was discovered by a Fremennik Seer in the mountains east of the Fremennik Province. Shortly after its discovery, the Stone was "removed by those who walk a higher astral path", who were probably the Lunar tribe. It is known that the Stone of Jas created the rune essence by its presence among normal rocks, and that there is a rune essence mine on Lunar Island as well as in the well known cave, which proves that at some point, the Stone of Jas was on Lunar Island.

Since then, the Stone once more disappeared. Today, very few individuals know of the Stone's existence, and even fewer understand what it is. There are several small groups working to obtain the Stone, but as of yet little progress has been made.

The Stone of Jas was recently found in an ancient temple of Guthix in the chasm below the Lumbridge Swamp Caves by an adventurer (the player) who touched the stone and defeated an odd being that appeared from the Stone, but it was later warped away by the Mahjarrat Lucien.

References to the Stone

The Stone of Jas has been hinted at for some time, although information regarding it is often cryptic and difficult to find. Since the Stone's significance was realised, a search for possible references has been made. The references to the stone appeared in following places:


The Basics of Magic

The Stone is mentioned most prominently in the Moonclan Manual purchased from Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. The book details the discovery of the first rune essence at the start of the Fifth Age by a Fremennik, whose name has been omitted from the text. Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka comments that this Fremennik was a Seer of their tribe.

According to the book, a Fremennik, whose name appears as "V-------", stumbled upon a cave in which the Stone was found. The Stone's name has also been omitted and is referred to as J--. The Stone was later taken, but not before affecting the smaller stones (rune essence) around it. They could be mentally changed into elements, essentially the art of runecrafting. The Rune Essence Mine has plenty of digging and building equipment, possibly implying that there was an excavation for any clues concerning the Stone of Jas; perhaps the centre of the mine was the Stone's original location.

The book reads:

As we all know, from the tales told to us in the Secret Tongue, 'magic' was first discovered in these lands by V------- when he accidentally stumbled upon the Stone of J--.

The stone was clearly not of this world, and the mere touch of it unlocked something within the mind of V-------. As we know, the stone was instantly removed by those powers who walk a higher Astral Path than ourselves, but its very existence showed V------- possibilities that had never occurred to our kind before.

His lifelong search for the stone did reveal its eventual fate, and the myths suggest that the stone may yet still lie somewhere within this world, but he did discover something of great importance in the caves where first he found the stone; the very rocks that had surrounded it had been subtly changed by its presence. The rocks in their contact with the Stone of J-- had gained a yearning to be something they were not, and V------- discovered that by focusing thought upon them he could transform them entirely for short periods of time into the very elements of the universe.

This is a mere parlour trick, as many of our young have done the same thing with essence as children, making the cold-burning fire in their hands on summer nights, and V------- knew that should be able to effect a permanent change upon these stones, he could have access to the very powers of the gods themselves!

— Basics of Magic, from Lunar Isle

A cutscene near the end of the While Guthix Sleeps quest shows a human discovering the Stone embedded in a stalagmite in a cave. The name of the human differs for each player, for unknown reasons. Some variations include Vasador, Valator, Vanjute, Verisad, Vistola, and Vonjuta. The notable pattern is the name starting with "V" and being seven letters long.

The Writings of Melzar the Mad

The scattered pages that fill the bookcases in Melzar's Maze reveal much about his descent into madness following his escape from the island of Crandor. One of these pages mentions the "Cabbage of Jas", from which the gods created all life and magic.

The page reads:

...Had dream last night of great cabbage. Cabbage of Jas. Used by gods to create all life and magic. All runes have part of its power. So with runes I can control power above magic...!
— The Writings of Melzar the Mad

The cabbage could be a connection to Guthix, since Juna said that the cabbage is his vegetable. It can also be observed that in the Meeting History quest, the depiction of the Stone of Jas does seem to resemble a cabbage (see the picture at the top right hand corner of the article).

But Melzar is mad, and during the "Dragon Slayer" quest when the player encounters him he summons many cabbages, so more likely his insanity has replaced the word "stone" with the word "cabbage".

Also, in RuneScape Classic, swear words were censored with the word "Cabbage". This could be a reference to RuneScape Classic and The Stone of Jas.

The Oracle

The Oracle that lives on Ice Mountain will often speak in riddles, and sometimes amongst the ramblings she makes a clear reference to the Stone of Jas. She will state simply: "Jas left a stone behind."

This suggests that "Jas" was an actual individual that existed even before Guthix found the empty plane he would make into Gielinor.

However, the "Jas" the oracle mentions could simply be the Stone of Jas, and the "stone" could be Rune Essence, for whenever the Stone of Jas was removed from certain locations, Rune Essence was left behind.

A reference to the Stone of Jas by the Oracle.

The Ancient Page

Some believe the Stone of Jas was mentioned in the Ancient Pages, old scraps of paper found in the dangerous Ancient Cavern. The eleventh piece of parchment reads the following: the stone here?...was the stone here?...will the stone be here?...would that my sanity were firm enough that I knew what my questions meant. Then I might seek an answer.
— The Eleventh Ancient Page, Author Unknown

The Fist of Guthix

The Fist of Guthix is an ancient religious site said to have been created following the end of the God Wars. The druids which guard it have many theories regarding its creation, but its Guardian of Guthix, a massive creature known as Fiara, will not reveal its origins.

The Fist of Guthix, an ancient holy site with ties to the Stone of Jas.

The Fist of Guthix, found at the centre of the site, appears very similar to the Stone of Jas. The meaning of this is unknown. It is possible that Fiara doesn't reveal information about the Fist's origins in order to protect its power, assuming it is the Stone of Jas or something connected to it. There aren't a lot of characters who talk about the Fist of Guthix, implying that the secrecy given to it was a success.

It is possible that the Fist of Guthix was the actual site where the Stone of Jas resided. Seeing as the Fist has a lot of power, it may have been the Stone that passed such power to the ground creating the Fist. How and when the Stone was moved is still not known but in Postbag from the Hedge 36, Fiara lends support to this theory by implying that it was moved by Crux Eqal some time after Saradominist forces tried to take the Fist of Guthix:

...I recall when Saradomin's knights came to claim the Fist, and to make the caves their temple. Their efforts were frustrated, of course, and, as Saradominists often do, scrawled the symbols on the walls as they left.

I have been guarding this cave for mortal lifetimes and have encountered many who seek the power of the Fist. Thankfully, in His wisdom, Guthix deemed it necessary to further safeguard the Fist, tasking Crux Eqal with its protection. As such, those who pass me are still far from acquiring it.

— Fiara, Postbag from the Hedge 36

From reading Movario's notes, it is also possible that the Fist of Guthix was really an imprint left behind by the Stone of Jas which could be interpreted as Guthix's fist as it looks like the stone. Movario's notes state that the Stone of Jas can be interpreted as a body part of a god (For example, instead of saying Stone of Jas, the Saradomists call it 'The Eye of Saradomin'). Therefore, the Fist of Guthix could be an imprint printed into the ground by Guthix's 'fist' (Stone of Jas).

Movario and Darve

In Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, two men can be found wandering the cavern's upper levels. These men are minions of Lucien, a Mahjarrat and personal ally of Zamorak. Although they are hesitant to share their knowledge, a Ring of Charos and/or Pendant of Lucien will convince them to talk.

According to Movario and Darve, they have been sent by Lucien to find artefacts that give off a "specific type of energy". Using a magical detector, they have been searching the world for years, and only now do they believe they may be getting close. From While Guthix Sleeps it is revealed that this artefact is the Stone of Jas. Movario comes to the conclusion that the names "Fist of Guthix" and "Eye of Saradomin" are merely alternate names that have been given to the Stone of Jas in the past. If true, this leaves unanswered the question of exactly what the power at the Fist of Guthix minigame is. Movario's notes support the idea that the Stone once resided there and left residual energies. He detected similar energies on the Lunar Isles where the Fremennik first discovered the Stone. He also mentions discovering the same energies in Morytania, suggesting it resided there at one time as well. Once the quest is complete, the quest journal mentions the stone was owned by Jas, and protected by creatures he enslaved for the purpose - the Dragonkin. As the Dragonkin did not make their presence felt on the world until the Fourth Age, immediately after the end of the God Wars, it remains unknown whether Jas had possession of the Stone before or after Guthix did.

Wizard Elriss

Wizard Elriss, a prominent member of the Runecrafting Guild in the famed Wizards' Tower, claims to have many theories regarding the nature of magic. A Ring of Charos will convince her to further explain her theories.

According to Elriss, she is searching for an ancient artefact that she believes is the origin of runes and the magic they create. She claims that several texts that survived the burning of the Wizards' Tower in the year 70 of the Fifth Age speak of such an artefact, referring to a legendary "Eye of Saradomin". She says that it should give off a very specific type of energy, much like Movario and Darve claim.

Letters to the Chaos Elemental

In the fifth issue of Postbag from the Hedge, the Chaos Elemental responded to a letter with a series of seemingly random phrases that were soon discovered to foreshadow future updates. One of these statements was "Chaos, soahc, Jas." This is the earliest known reference to the Stone by name.

"A True and Concise History of the Discovery of Runes"

An entry in the "Lores and Histories" section of the Official RuneScape Website known as "A True and Concise History of the Discovery of Runes" makes an unclear reference to the stone. The story, which is said to have been an extract from the book "Conversations With a Mage" by Samael Leynes, was added to the website more than five years ago.

In the interview, an elderly mage discusses the significance of the discovery of magic. He speaks of the way in which the runes were found, but hesitates when he discusses what else was found. This may refer to the Stone of Jas.

News Article

On the 15 of August, 2008, Jagex released an article about future PvP updates. At the very bottom of this article was the following line:

We're adding secret hints and references all the time about this one, so if you need to know more, just look around! Leave no stone unturned....
— Jagex

The article also mentioned a quest which could possibly include the Stone as part of its main storyline. Since this hint was contained inside an article about the future of PvP, it was overlooked and ignored by a large majority of players. Also,a female cadet at the Mobilising Armies minigame says she has found or is looking for, the source. Whether this relates to the stone at all is unknown.

Spirit Realm

An adornment found in the Spirit Realm on the crumbling walls of the eastern most Level 47 Wilderness unnamed ruins. It appears to half represent the Stone of Jas and half a compass rose.

In the Spirit Realm on the other side of the weak portal located in Level 47 Wilderness (in the unnamed ruins south of the north-eastern volcano and east of the Demonic Ruins), an adornment on the crumbling walls can be seen that half symbolises the Stone of Jas. The other half is thought to symbolise the right side of the Stone. At the end of While Guthix Sleeps this same symbol appears on the floor between the three conversing Dragonkin (see picture below). This symbol may reveal what the Stone really looks like.


During the Defender of Varrock quest, Zemouregal's gargoyle servant, Sharathteerk, states that "Your cousin Lucien may be close to finding it..." to which Zemouregal replies "I have no time for the things of fairytales." The artefact which Lucien was close to finding is the Stone of Jas (which he found in the While Guthix Sleeps quest), and many Mahjarrat consider it naught but a myth.

Lucien is also the current possessor of the Stone of Jas, meaning he may be close to achieving godhood, as he himself claims that possession of such an object, combined with the magic of the Staff of Armadyl and the his personal vast Mahjarrat mystical abilities, would promote him to Gielinor god status, thus mirroring the feat he had once helped Zamorak perform millennia past. He teleported the Stone away in While Guthix Sleeps.


  • The Stone of Jas boosts player's stats to 255, which is the maximum value of the Byte variable type.
  • The name of the Stone may be an in-joke, since it's a real-life acronym for "Java Application Server" - which did, indeed, give the world of RuneScape life.

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