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The Moai face in the Chocobo Racing of Final Fantasy VII.

The Moai is a recurring Easter egg in the Final Fantasy series, appearing in unexpected locations, usually on World Maps far from important locations, and having little to no function whatsoever. In most cases, they are a reference to the Moai, monolithic human statues from the Polynesian island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island).



Final Fantasy IV

The Moai face on the Moon.

A stone appears on the Red Moon. This one is an allusion to the infamous face on Mars myth rather than the Moai. A "happy face" crater and rock formation, inspired by the Galle crater of Mars, also appears.

In the Game Boy Advance version, the Lunar Ruins open in front of the stone face once Zeromus is defeated.

In the DS Remake, if the player stole Dark Matter from Zeromus, and uses it on the Stone Face, they will fight Proto-Babil.

It is the new location of Golbez's second Challenge Dungeon in The After Years.

Final Fantasy V

The Moai face on the bottom of the ocean.

A Moai appears at the bottom of the ocean. It serves no other purpose than being an Easter Egg.

Final Fantasy VII

The Moai face at Great Glacier.

A Moai appears on a cliff in the Great Glacier, while other Moais appear in the Chocobo Racing Arena. This is the first time stone faces appear in locations rather than world maps.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Moai face as seen in Final Fantasy VIII.

In PuPu's sidequest, the UFO is sometimes seen abducting a stone face with its light beam. Additionally, colored stone faces are involved in the Obel Lake sidequest, though no graphics are shown for these.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

One of the player icons is a moai from Final Fantasy V.


The Moai face in a forest.

A Moai appears in a forest in concept art for the game.

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