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Stona in Final Fantasy IX.

Stona (ストナ Sutona) is a recurring White Magic spell which cures the Petrify status.




Final Fantasy

Stona, also known as SOFT in the Famicom release, is a level 6 White Magic spell which removes Petrification from a single ally.

The spell can be bought at Crescent Lake and can be learnt by the White Mage and White Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 10 MP to cast. Unlocks for purchase at Level 26.

Final Fantasy III

Stona is a Level 6 White Magic used by the White Mage, Devout, Sage, and Onion Knight Jobs. It can be bought in Doga's Village for 10,000 gil, and costs 6 MP.

Final Fantasy IX

Stona is a White Magic used by both Garnet and Eiko, learned from the Multina Racket and Lamia Flute. Stona cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify and costs 8 MP. Stona also inflicts Instant Death on stone-based enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

Stona is a type of Healing Magic, and can be learned by White Mages and Scholars. As it is a fairly high level spell (39 for WHM, 50 for SCH), it cannot be cast through a subjob.

Final Fantasy XII

Stona is a White Magick spell. Its License is White Magick 3 that costs 30 LP. Its removes the two status effects Stone and Petrify from a target.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Stona's License is White Magick 5 that costs 40 LP. This spell is found in Jahara, and can be used by two Job classes, White Mage and Red Mage.

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