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Type: Planet
Location: Cassavalian Belt, Mutter's Spiral (presumably)
Natives: Near-Human race, Zocci
Mentions: DW: Voyage of the Damned

Sto was a planet of mainly near-Humans, although other species, such as the Zocci, were represented in the planet's population. Bannakaffalatta was, for example, a resident of Sto — as were most of the passengers and crew onboard a version of the Titanic the Tenth Doctor once encountered. The fact that the Titanic was bound for Earth suggests that Sto might be a relative neighbor of Earth, and thus in the Mutter's Spiral.

At least one of the planet's indigenous races, at some point in the past, apparently worshiped a god named Vot.

The inhabitants of Sto have an interest in Earth history and culture, witness the popularity of the Titanic recreation, although some Sto residents have developed a somewhat skewed view of Earth history and customs (such as Bayldon Copper's take on Christmas). Astrid Peth, briefly a companion of the Doctor, hailed from Sto.

Cyborgs and Androids were generally discriminated against by the dominant culture of the planet. However in the early 21st century laws were made allowing them more freedom, such as marriage. (DW: Voyage of the Damned)

At least one Sto resident - the aforementioned Mr. Copper - is known to have settled on 21st century Earth. It is believed he may have later created a foundation for technological development (DW: The Stolen Earth)

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