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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Big Town
Little Lamplight
role: Temporary Follower
location: Big Town
Little Lamplight
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: A Sticky Situation
SPECIAL: 6 ST 5 PE 4 EN 4 CH 4 IN 6 AG 4 LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 40 → 60
tag skills: Barter: 52 → 59
Small Guns: 54 → 63
Unarmed: 50 → 59
level: 4 → 8
actor: Craig Sechler
base id: 000295EB
ref id: 000295EE

Sticky was a former resident of Little Lamplight but, in 2277, he was forced to leave, as all children of Little Lamplight must eventually do.



Sticky was born in either 2259 or 2261.[1]

Daily schedule

Before the quest, A Sticky Situation, he can be found in Little Lamplight. Upon successful completion of the quest, he will reside in Big Town.

Interactions with the player character

The player has the opportunity to escort Sticky to Big Town, which is where most of the evicted teenagers from Little Lamplight eventually end up. Sticky will follow the player and the player can equip him with armor and weapons. Sticky has a bad habit of talking a lot during his escort, often coming up with repetitive stories. The player can tell him to shut up if he becomes too annoying, with a very difficult Speech check.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Party Hat
Wasteland Settler Outfit
- - -


  • Sticky is friends with Red in Big Town (referring to her as his girlfriend, though she may not agree). If you escort him to Big Town but haven't done Big Trouble in Big Town quest yet, the other residents will tell you that Red has been kidnapped by Super Mutants, but Sticky is not to be told because it will upset him.
  • If you inquire about his Party Hat before escorting him to Big Town he will give it to you. Alternatively, if you offer to give him a weapon, you can simply take the hat during trade. A glitch allows you to obtain a second hat, if you then ask about it after having already taken it or put the party hat back in his inventory and exit his inventory and enter in his inventory again and take away his party hat, then tell him again about why he is wearing a party hat, you can get as many party hats as you can.(confirmed xbox 360)
  • There is no Karma penalty if you decide to kill him.
  • He will have an ear on his corpse.
  • If Sticky follows you into Little Lamplight and you do not ask him to join you, he will loiter around Little Lamplight, entering and exiting a building will result in Sticky being killed, possibly by the Mayor (Scripted) as he is no longer welcome in Little Lamplight
  • Unlike other followers, Sticky will set off your mines, often as you are planting them.
  • Sticky will still follow you if you do not bring him to Big Town.
  • Sticky has the same type of quotes as wastelanders. However, if trained well enough, he will begin to speak some of Star Paladin Cross's dialogue, such as "Flank e'm!", while in combat.
  • Sticky is about a foot shorter than any other character in the game.


  • If you enter Vault 87 with Sticky as follower then (assuming you don't go out again) after you have escaped from Raven Rock he will come to your rescue instead of Fawkes. This however makes it impossible to receive Fawkes. (confirmed on 360)
  • Exploit: Since Sticky isn't considered a follower, you can take him to Point Lookout, The Pitt and Mothership Zeta(tried it on PS3; does not work on 360).
  • For some users, after escaping Raven Rock, both Sticky and Fawkes come to the rescue and you still have the ability to ally with Fawkes, or Fawkes will come to the rescue and Sticky will stand around and talk(confirmed 360)
  • If you go to Big Town with Sticky and Shorty, Shorty may say, "Those assholes in lamplight lied to me, they said this place was great," which Sticky is supposed to say.
  • If you have downloaded Broken Steel and activate the purifier with him with you, he will never talk as if you used the speech option on him when you wake up, and oddly, the speech option and the shut up dialogue options are still there.


Sticky only appears in Fallout 3



  1. Continuity error: Sticky states that this age is 18. Everybody else says it is 16.
Little Lamplight
Big Town

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Were you looking for the following:

  • The Plasma Grenade - The original sticky grenade.
  • The Spike Grenade - The barbaric Brute grenade that impales a target on contact.
  • Stick It - A medal that celebrates a single stick.
  • Sticky spree - A new medal to be released with Halo 3: ODST to celebrate five sticks without dying.

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