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race: Human
affiliation: Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel
role: Recruit
rank: Senior Initiate
appearances: Fallout Tactics
SPECIAL: 5 ST, 7 PE, 4 EN, 4 CH, 8 IN, 8 AG, 4 LK
tag skills: Small Guns, Unarmed, Sneak
traits: One Hander
perks: Thief
level: 3
actor: None
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Stevie is a recruit in Fallout Tactics.

Stevie has the lithe body of a dancer, the reflexes of a cat, and the killer instinct of a deathclaw. She is light and agile, and likes to reflect this in her armaments. Useful for that quick surprise attack.


Stevie becomes available after you've reached the rank of Senior Initiate, and after you've completed the Rock Falls mission.


Stevie appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Recruits of Fallout Tactics

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Stevie (right)

Stevie is a black-market vehicle trader in Grand Theft Auto IV. Whilst not encountered in person, he contacts Niko Bellic via text message with stolen car delivery requests. He has a garage called S&M Auto Sales located in Bohan, where the player delivers stolen cars in exchange for cash. Only the requested vehicles are accepted until all thirty car deliveries are complete; at that point, any car may be sold for cash. The reward is dependent on the model of the car, and its condition.

Brucie Kibbutz and Stevie are apparently friends and have had business dealings in the past, as it is Brucie that asks to borrow Stevie's yellow Comet to race in the mission, "No. 1." Upon winning the race with Niko at the wheel, Brucie is so impressed that he turns the Comet over to Niko (implying that the car is not legitimately owned by Stevie, but is simply a "company car" obtained through his stolen car business). This incident is referenced twice more in the game: first, when Brucie calls Niko to inform him of Stevie's interest in employing him to steal cars, Niko asks if Stevie wants his car back, to which Brucie replies no; second, Stevie eventually states in a text message that he misses his Comet, and asks Niko to obtain another one that he has had his eye on--a plum-colored one parked in Westminster.

Stevie's missions become available after completing all of Brucie's special car deliveries, and the mission Smackdown for Derrick McReary.

Stevie makes a possible on-screen appearance at the end of the mission I'll Take Her..., albeit briefly. When the player takes Gracie to the safehouse, Gordon says "There he is! Stevie, take the car. Then a dark-haired man in a tan sportcoat and grey slacks gets into Gracie's Feltzer and drives off. Whether this is the same "Stevie" Niko usually deals with is unknown -- Stevie the car-trader is not known to have any connection with the McReary Mob.

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Stevie (Earth-616)
Real Name
Stevie (last name unrevealed)


Unnamed parents






Junior high

Used mystical item to affect reality.


First appearance

Avengers: West Coast #64
(November, 1990)



Stevie was a boy who found a magical stone that gave him great powers. In an effort to impress his schoolmates he decided to use his powers to steal Captain America's Shield.

The Great Lakes Avengers were summoned to a carnival fun house by a message from the "Captain America" stating an impostor had stolen his shield. Cap and the Human Torch were summoned by "Rick Jones" who says he is being held hostage in the same fun house. The two sides do battle and Stevie uses his Ruby's power to animate the fun house robots to try and capture the shield.

One of Stevie's robots do eventually capture the shield and places it in a package for him. He is delighted to present it at school the next day claiming Captain America gave it to him personally. When he removes the shield from the package he is mortified to find it was a wax duplicate from the carnival's wax museum. Captain American had deduced that someone or something was trying to capture his shield and made a switch at some point in the battle.

Stevie vowed revenge on the Avengers but has not been seen since.



Stevie's magical stone allowed him to animate robots, alter pereceptions and hack into the Avengers secure communications.


  • Stevie's magical stone was depicted as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. However, the Gem transforms its holders into Juggernauts and Stevie was not transformed. Either he had a similar stone or Cyttorak viewed him as unsuitable host.


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