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Real Name
Steven Rogers
(Legally Changed from William Burnside[1])
Current Alias

Captain America of the 1950's; Steve; Commie Smasher; Prof. Rogers; Grand Director; Bad Cap



US Government (FBI); Former member of Army Special Ops Unit; Bucky (James Monroe)


Base Of Operations


6' 2"

240 lbs (109 kg)



Unusual Features
burns over large portions of chest and arms[2]


Marital Status

Adventurer; former Soldier; former US Government agent; former criminal (under mind control)

Steve Rogers possesses a Ph.D. in American History under his birth name. It was transferred to his legal name as shown when he became a teacher in the early 1950s. Rogers specialized in the American history and symbolism as related to his childhood idol, the original Steve Rogers. He also possessed advanced chemical formation abilities as he was able to use the recovered notes of the original Super-soldier serums he discovered into a working compound.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Young Men Vol 2 #24
(December, 1953)
Captain America #153 (As Steven Rogers II/ Captain America 4);
Captain America #231 (As the "Grand Director")



The man who would become the fourth official Captain America was eleven years old when the first Captain America was created. Throughout World War II era, he idolized Captain America, and was shocked to learn of the original's supposed death in 1946. Although Truman hired William Naslund to replace the then lost Steve Rogers in the role of Captain America, the boy suspected the truth that Naslund was not the original Cap.

In the early 1950s after Jeffrey Mace had retired from adventuring as Captain America (some text state 1952), "Steve Rogers" graduated with a Ph.D in American History, having done his thesis on the life of Captain America. In 1953 he flew to Germany, and examined the files of Major Kerfoot, a Nazi espionage officer in the SS. He discovered that the papers contained the original Super-Soldier Formula. He revealed his discovery to certain high officials in the US government, and made a deal with the FBI for the formula whereby he would become the new Captain America, and act as a symbol during the Korean War.

The FBI accepted his offer to act as the new Captain America for the formula. The man had his name legally changed to "Steven Rogers" and underwent extensive plastic surgery and vocal chord reconstruction to alter his appearance and voice to match that of the original. However by the time he had successfully become a physical duplicate to the original Steve Rogers, the Korean conflict ended. Deeming the need for an open patriotic symbol no longer needed, the FBI canceled his operation as the successive Captain America. However, the FBI did not abandon Rogers II and established him with a teaching position at the elite preparatory school LeHigh in Connecticut. It is here that Rogers II started wearing glasses and took to smoking a pipe as he adjusted to life without his super-heroic ambitions. But more importantly, it is at LeHigh where Rogers II met Jack Monroe, who then a teenage boy who shared Rogers II's heroic worship of Captain America. Rogers II developed a close friendship with Monroe and ultimately revealed his own past to Monroe which would led to their actual costume beginning as the 1950s Captain America and Bucky.

When in late 1953 the Red Skull reappeared and seized the United Nations, holding the delegates as hostage, Rogers II and Monroe decided to directly attack the Re-emerged Skull feeling that they would psychologically unbalance the Red Skull and defeat him. Rogers II and Monroe injected themselves with the recreated super-soldier formula and donned the costumes of Captain America and Bucky and attacked the Skull. As they had thought, the re-appearance of the thought to be original Cap did unnerve the Skull and the United Nation delegates were saved by Rogers II and Monroe. It was later revealed that this Red Skull, was not the original German World War II mastermind but a communist spy.

Deciding to capitalize on the return of the supposed original Cap, the FBI allowed Rogers II to continue in the role as a selective operative for their locale raids and attacks against Communist and anti-American fifth columnist activities. But, due to some unseen event (Some text state that the formula was incomplete or inaccurate based on earlier samples such as the one that Isaiah Bradley received while others state the formula was complete and accurate but without using the Vita-Rays process to stabilize the enhancement), both Rogers II and Monroe began to slowly go insane, beginning to brutalize anyone they thought might be against American interests not just communist. The pair were captured by the FBI and placed in suspended animation.

Rogers II as the mind controlled Grand Director

Rogers II and Monroe were released later (the original story happened in the 1970s (Captain America Vol 1 153-156) but now more recently), and re-captured by the now-active original Captain America and Rogers I then partner the Falcon, with help from Sharon Carter. Rogers II and Monroe were re-inserted into suspended animation, until they were remanded into the custody of Doctor Faustus, who brainwashed Rogers II into becoming the Grand Director, the leader of a neo-Nazi hate group called the National Force. After his defeat by Rogers I and Daredevil, the Grand Director triggered a suicide device in his uniform, supposedly killing himself.[4]


Second Revival in current time

It was later revealed that the 1950s Rogers had survived his attempted suicide though was badly burned in certain parts of his body, notably his torso where the flame bomb was activated. Rogers II was kept in a catatonic state awaiting deployment if he could be successfully controlled after the murder of the original Rogers. [5] When revived as part of the Red Skull's plan to use Sharon Carter's baby with Rogers I, the 1950s Rogers was released to attack and kill Barnes who had succeeded the now dead Rogers I.

Rogers II learned that Barnes had killed the 1950s Rogers partner, Jack Monroe, and at the conditioning of Dr. Faustus, sought to kill Barnes in retribution for the murder of the former 1950s Bucky. Barnes tried to reason with the 1950s Rogers and almost succeeded as he admitted his sorrow in actually killing Monroe. But due to a brain implant, the 1950s Rogers was enraged to continue to seek Barnes' death rather than trying to come to some acceptance on the past misdeed while Barnes himself was mentally controlled.[6] He then ran away from the Skull but was unfortunately captured by his AIM operatives. The Skull ordered that 1950s Rogers be secured so that Faustus can recondition him. However, unknown to him, Faustus had secretly betrayed the Skull to SHIELD.[7]

Rogers II's turn as the "man out of time"

When SHIELD attacks the Red Skull's base, 1950s Rogers escapes his bonds. He then punctured the current robot body of Doctor Zola, before escaping. 1950s Rogers is currently evaluating his place in the modern world as a a man out of time just as Rogers I did when he was revived. But unlike Rogers I who was seeking to adapt to the modern time, the 1950s Rogers was shown to be wearing period clothing including a large fedora and long double breasted coat suggesting that he would rather try to make the world adjust to him, believing that it doesn't make sense to him as it back in his time.[8] He was last seen visiting Peggy Carter in a nursing home, apparently passing himself off as the original Steve Rogers. It is unclear as to what his motive may be.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super-Soldier Serum: Rogers II is a superb athlete, his physique having been enhanced by a recreation of Erskine's Super Soldier formula that Rogers I received to bring him to peak human condition though has exceeded that and given him actual super human condition. The version of the Super-soldier serum in his body is more effective than the one that Rogers I had received, possibly due to the 2 extremely long periods of susani that the 1950s Rogers has endured.
The version of the Super Soldier serum that Rogers II has in his body has given him actual superhuman strength, speed and endurance as evidence by him soundly defeating Barnes when the two Captain Americas' fought recently over Barnes' Bionic arm and the indestructible shield that has been shown to insulate Rogers I and withstand blows from the Hulk at point black range. Rogers II was able to pound Barnes into submission despite being behind that same shield with far more damage.
Power Grid [9]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Fighting Skills: Rogers II is a capable fighter but prefers to rely on brute force rather than grace avoidance which allows obviously superior skilled fighters such as Barnes to be able to hold their own with him despite the large difference in power and endurance that Rogers II has to such skilled combatants.

    Strength level

Due to some unknown interaction with the Super-Soldier serum, Rogers II possesses low level direct superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) approximately 2 tons and under duress far higher levels. He has been shown to be able to punch through steel reinforced concrete with only his glove covered hand with little damage and quick recovery and break reinforced steel shackles with his bare hands.


Rogers II possesses all of the weaknesses of a human male (sleep deprivation, fail on lack of air, food etc) though is able to resist them for far longer than average human levels

Originally the version of the Super Soldier Serum that Rogers II received was either incomplete or inaccurate and adversely effected his mentality. After being revived in the current time Rogers II has become more stable and lucid in his thinking than he was originally, though is still a man of his era and world view and shown to be overtly conservative by present day thoughts
Rogers II's recovery and healing factor is not as advanced though. He still has extreme burns throughout his entire body from his mind controlled attempted suicide though a large portion of the original burns have lessened.
Rogers II has surgically sub-dermal implants in his head that can inspire a large imbalance in his brain that can be used against him as by Dr. Faustus. Presently, these implants remain in his body suggesting that Faustus could effect disruptions and wild emotional swings in Rogers II at later time unless Rogers II has them removed from his body.



  • Shield: the 1950s Rogers uses a shield patterned on the round one carried by Rogers I and Mace. However, Roger II's original shield was constructed of enhanced titanium steel and hence was not virtually indestructible like his predecessor's though was able to resist higher impacts than regular steel.
Rogers II's current round shield is made of presently undisclosed material but due to it withstanding attacks from the indestructible shield and not breaking as did his original one during his earlier revival (Captain America (Vol 1) 156), it is suggested that Rogers II's current round shield is made out of true adamantium as it was able to withstand the same level of abuse as the indestructible shield. If Rogers II's current shield is shown to have the rebounding/insulation factor then it would be made out of true Vibranium as was the shield Rogers' used while in the role of The Captain, to explain it being able to adsorb the repeated high end attacks from the indestructible shield.
Rogers II is effective in using his shield with effective offensive and defense ability in a manner similar to both Rogers I and Mace but is not as effective as either of them.


  • Created by Steve Englehart and artist Sal Buscema as Steve Rogers II in Captain America #153-Captain America #156
  • Rogers II is largely addressed as "Captain America of the 1950s" though Mace was Cap into the early 1950s as well.
  • Rogers II has largely been listed as the fourth recognized Cap, though is the third officially US government sanctioned person to have the role of Captain America as the US Government created and controls the role (Rogers I being the first, Naslund being the second. Though Mace was the second longest person to hold the role, Mace was never approved to take over the role by the government from Naslund when Naslund was killed.
Currently Rogers II is active as Captain America again, but identifies himself openly as "the Cap of the 1950s".
  • Contrary to popular belief, the 1950s Rogers is not a villain and never accepted being the Grand Director but was mentally forced to adopt the role.
  • The 1950s Rogers is shown to be still conditioned by Faustus and is not actively choosing to be evil but responding to implants as did when he was forced to become the Grand Director. It remains to be seen how he will act on his own if the 1950s Rogers is able to have such mind conditioning and implants completely removed from himself. Without the conditioning active, the 1950s Rogers shows a highly conservative world order as reflective of the one time popular idea of "United States exceptionalism" as advocated by Archibald Thorton and former US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt from the Spanish-American War, more commonly referred to at times as "American Imperialism".
  • the 1950s Rogers is currently more rationale and lucid than during his earlier revival as shown in Captain America (Vol 1) 153-156, possibly due to the two separate long periods of susani he has endured allowing his system to correct the missing Vita Ray component and properly metabolize the serum into his system now. It remains to be seen if he will escape external controls such as Faustus conditioning and implants that he has been subjected to.

"Reborn" and "Wield the Shield" series

  • It should be noted the events shown in "Captain America: Reborn" series and Wield the Shield one shot directly and specifically contradict much of the established history of the World War II Rogers. It is suggested that the Rogers shown in this series and helping Barnes in New Avengers Annual #3 (2009) is in reality the 1950s Rogers due to several revealed elements shown thus far in the actual books as follows:
All of the memories shown are not specific nor intimate to Rogers I and maybe merely Rogers II following the known events of the World War II Rogers exploits as he had access to the first Roger's secret service records. Many of the shown history are radically different from the original events shown by time travel adventure in Avengers Vol 1 #56.
- Baron Zemo originally catches and knocks out Rogers and Barnes and strips them of their costumes. In Reborn #3, the shown memories are completely opposite where it clearly show Barnes was still wearing his Bucky mask when he reaches the rocket and has his costume on underneath.
no costumes change
- In the original history Zemo acts alone except for his humanoid robots that stops Bucky and Rogers. In the revealed memories of Rogers, Zemo has many Nazi soldiers but no robots
no robots change
- In the memories shown, Rogers and Barnes use a motorcycle with side car which would have been far slower with the weighted sidecar against the original no sidecar motorcycle
No sidecar change
Roger's own dead partial decomposed body with the bullet holes still clearly visible in his chest without any part of his costume and is clearly shown in that condition when it disappears. And yet, the body brought back by Dr. Doom and Zola is fully healed and already in costume (Captain America Reborn #4)
magic body fix
Rogers' open continual reluctance to take back the role from Barnes (Captain America: Who welds the Shield? #1)

At present it is not clarified which Rogers it is, nor how Rogers' body was healed from its death and decomposed state or how Rogers I was able to be at Carter's deathbed when he himself was dead, if this is indeed the World War Rogers and not the 1950s Rogers.

Rogers crying at aged Carter's death bed. But which one?


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