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World map: The Pitt
inside: The Pitt
map marker: Steelyard
other exits: The Pitt Underground
Supply Plant
Wernher's Hideout
quests: Unsafe Working Conditions
Mill Worker achievement
Find Wild Bill

The Steelyard is a place in The Pitt. Upon entering the steelyard you will find a dead slave with two Steel Ingots. This also is the location for the achievement Mill Worker for finding 100 ingots.

Noteworthy sites

  • Slightly northeast inside the Steelyard there's an old Supply Plant which contains the Man Opener and several ingots.
  • On a staircase to the southwest, the player can find the corpse of Wild Bill. His corpse contains a note to Milly, which is used to finish the unmarked quest Find Wild Bill, and his unique gun, Wild Bill's Sidearm.
    • A known bug for this quest is that if you don't find Wild Bill the FIRST time you enter the Steelyard he will be lost forever. This makes it impossible to get his unique weapon Wild Bill's Sidearm, and his note explaining his fate to give to Milly for quest completion and reward. If his body doesn't appear the first time, re-loading the save at the Steelyard entrance should make him spawn in a reachable location.(PS3 confirmed)
  • Due east of Wild Bill, at the end of a stretch of downward-sloping grating, there's a Wildman with Gamma Shield Armor, a head wrap, a worn slave outfit, assault rifle, and a couple of boxes of ammo. There are also several ingots.
  • At the north end of the train tracks, there is an entrance to the Pitt Underground which can be opened with the Power Plant Key.


  • When you enter the Steelyard for the first time you will find a slave attempting to talk to his brother Billy who has turned into a Trog. After about a minute Billy gets violent and attacks him. You can help him if you hurry by quickly opening the gate and killing Billy - or shoot through the fence - but be warned doing so will alert some Trogs to your location. The slave will then stand around the dead trog and cry about "Poor Billy" or if you kill the trog as the slave bends over clapping for the trog to come to him, the slave will stay in that position until he dies.
  • Right next to the entrance of the Supply Plant there is a platform with four deactivated Factory Protectrons. Nearby there's a terminal to activate them, if the player has a high enough Science skill. The robots are friendly to the player and will kill almost all of the Trogs on the ground floor of the train yard, as well as any Wildmen patrolling the overhead pipes and catwalks. They will attract a good deal of the Trogs and even when they are killed, they can be looted for ammo, which is hard to come by in The Pitt.
  • Right in front of the entrance door after entering the Steelyard there's a Pitt Slave that is permanent. No humans go into this area so you can store items in the slave without fear of being stolen. This is a good way to keep the load light if you plan to collect all the Steel Ingots in the area.


  • Sometimes, the area leading to the top of the blast furnace will be non-clip(untouchable) and impossible to climb. It may possibly occur on its own, but is more frequently associated with Xbox 360 consoles with the Point Lookout DLC loaded. Restarting the console may occasionally clear this problem (you may also need to load a save inside the Steelyard after the restart, as the building seems to be set as noclip whenever you enter the area). (Confirmed XBox 360)
  • Climbing the blast furnace in the Steelyard leads to the highest point in the game, and if you go into V.A.T.S. in this area you may fall.
  • A rare bug is when you fall into a blackhole on one of the roofs and fall to your death. (If you land on top of Wernher's Hideout, you slowly land on other objects and get out of the map) restarting your xbox may work (It happened again after a while and fixed it self after reloading a save) while reloading a save and dying will not. (Confirmed on xbox 360)
  • Both these glitches can be fixed, if all else fails, by deleting then re-downloading and installing The Pitt DLC again. It does not affect your save (xbox 360 version)
  • The factory protectrons outside the supply plant can re-enter their holding chamber. If they do this the terminal will still think it is wandering around and will not release the protectron again.
  • The wall by Wild Bill can become non-clip. This makes it easy to fall through if you don't realize it has happened. It is possible to get back into the map by doing quite a bit of climbing and making your way towards the dead slave with the Auto Axe, but it is very difficult. If you do attempt this, be warned that if you approach the slave from outside the fence, the Trogs may glitch under it and attack you. It is interesting to note that you can see the bottom of the reactor tower and the skeletons of the others that have fallen into it (confirmed on xbox 360).
    • If you get close to the wall that becomes non-clip, you may not be able to move away from it even if you aren't touching it yet. If this happens, just try backing away from it as you move towards the stairs that lead upward.
    • Also, it seems that sometimes a Wildman may glitch through, but the fall will most likely kill them.
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