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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Japanese スティール
Romaji Sutīru
Bestiary Location The Barheim Passage
LP Awarded 1

The Steeling is an Avian/Steeling-type enemy in the game Final Fantasy XII. It is found in various locations throughout Ivalice.


Bestiary Entry

Genus: Avian
Classification: Steeling


Page 1: Observations

"Being an avion possessed of clawed hands and a deep purple hue as thought 'twere cut from the dark cloth of night. From the records of the naturalist Merlose: 'Liveth they in the dark places, feeding on the life-humors of other monstrosities.' It is known to modern natural philosophers that they are not 'guided through the black by the devil's hand' as was once suggested, but instead that they employ a cry of such high pitch that it is as silence to hume ears, and by its echoing do they navigate with uncanny precision. It is a peculiarity of their ilk that they hunt often in packs, whence comes our expression 'Wings o' leather, flock together.'"

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 14 of 78

Main article: Sage Knowledge 1-26#SK 14: Airships

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