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Steel titans are level 99 Summoning familiars, introduced with the "Summoning 2" update on the 31 March 2008. It is currently the most powerful familiar and, with 750, is in fifth place for the highest hitpoints of any creature in RuneScape after the Corporeal Beast with 2000 first, Nomad with 1400 as second and the Avatar of Creation and the Avatar of Destruction in Soul Wars, along with the decaying avatar in Nomad's Requiem all tie for third with 1000.

While a Steel Titan a summoned, the summoner will have a 15% stab, slash and crush defence bonus boost. This boost will show on the Equipment Stats screen.

The Steel Titan has 4 methods of attacking: magic, ranged, melee and special attack (scroll). Unless the special attack is repeatedly used by the summoner, the Steel Titan will only focus on ranged and melee attacks. When the Steel Titan performs a ranged attack, it will put its left hand by its mouth and blow the ranged attack at the player/monster it is attacking. For the melee attack, it will put its hands together and pound on the ground, this attack can also hit diagonally. Periodically, the Steel Titan will perform a magic attack, in which it will hit both its hands together in front of itself and a magic attack will fly forth. If you are being attacked by multiple monsters/players, the magic attack may not always go to the monster/player that you are fighting, but rather a random one that is attacking you. Unlike the melee and ranged attack, the magic attack will not do damage right away but will wait one cycle of attacking, in respect to the steel titan, to do the damage. If the Steel Titan performs a melee or ranged attack after the magic attack, it will appear that it is hitting twice at once because of the delayed magic attack.


Steel titan pouch

Steel titan pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 178 spirit shards, a Crimson charm and a steel platebody in the inventory. Making the pouch earns 435.2 experience points. Using the pouch to summon a Steel titan gains 4.9 experience points, and costs 10 Summoning points.

Steel of legends scroll

Steel of legends scroll enables the use of the Steel of Legends special move for a Steel titan. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.


Steel of Legends

Steel of Legends is the special move for the steel titan, which inflicts four ranged OR melee attacks (depending on distance from target) instead of one in the next attack. This attack may be used five times in a row with the required number of scrolls. Note that either with a ranged or melee attack, the titan will give the summoner ranged experience but the higher your range is the more hit damaged on your target is dealt.



  • Other than the Dragon claws, no other item or familiar allows to show four damage splash at once on one enemy.
  • On standard detail mode, the Steel titan's legs look very similar to Steel platelegs.
  • The chance of hitting 96 damage (four 24s) is 1 in 331,776, assuming all four hit splats are guaranteed to hit. It is even rarer than said, but that is based on the chance to hit, which varies.
  • When the larger health bar came out the Steel titan's health bar Didn't change. This may be because of it being a summoning familiar and not an actual monster.
  • The examine info "The King of the Titans!" is a reference to the famous movie character Godzilla who is known as "The King of the Monsters."

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