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Steel dragons are dragons with a combat level of 246 found in the Brimhaven Dungeon, the fortress of Ghorrock in the north-west of the Wilderness, and inside Kuradal's Dungeon. They can also be bought as a guardian for player-owned dungeons (only for the treasure room) if the player's Construction level is 95.

Please note that with all player-owned dungeon monsters; that monsters in the dungeon will not drop any items and will not give any experience in combat.



A Steel Dragon in a Treasure Room.

Like most metal dragons, Steel Dragons have extremely high defence. Since they are made out of metal, they are fairly weak to magic attacks, so spells like fire surge or magic dart are useful against them. An anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield reduce most damage from dragonfire, an antifire potion or antifire mix reduces some dragonfire damage, and an appropriate shield and potion/mix used together negate all damage from dragonfire. (With no protection, dragonfire has a maximum hit of 49. With just a shield, it has a max hit of 5. With just a potion/mix, the max hit is reduced a bit from 49 but is still quite high, making it difficult to slay even one steel dragon without taking extensive damage.)

Weapons such as the dragon battleaxe, dragon mace, and Tzhaar-ket-em can be a good choice for meleeing because of their ability to be wielded with a shield, high crush attack bonus, and high strength bonus. Another alternative is the Leaf-bladed sword, which has the best stab bonus for any one handed-weapon and thus is very accurate. An Abyssal whip, despite having no crush bonuses whatsoever, is another choice, since the fast attack speed and high strength bonus can sometimes be considered more effective than a slow crush weapon like a dragon Mace, though accuracy may be a problem. Alternatively, a player who can make Super antifire potions can use Verac the Defiled's set instead. The set has a very high crush bonus and a chance to hit through armour, so it provides a very effective and fast alternative to kill these dragons.


Around the Brimhaven Dungeon are black demons, fire giants and wild dogs, so, players going to kill steel dragons may be attacked by them while passing through. Steel dragons also have the ability to use their fire breath from a distance, an ability only shared with the other metal dragons, Elvarg during the Dragon Slayer quest, Brutal Green Dragons, and the King Black Dragon, so using a safe spot will not help against these beasts. Steel dragons can hit up to 25 with melee, and even harder with their breath if you are foolish/forgetful enough to leave your anti-dragon shield somewhere that is not on your character. However, some people bring runes to mage them while not getting hit at all, by standing at least 1 space away from its head (Being on low detail helps, as you can see the floor grid), wearing an Anti-dragon shield and drinking Anti-fire potions. It is also advisable to range these dragons as rangers can kill 50 or more dragons in one trip. Players planning to range them should bring several ranging potions and anti-fire potions. Usually around five ranging potions and 9 antifire potions. Bring some blessed dragon hide or black dragon hide with several adamant and emerald tipped (e) bolts. Players should also be sure to bring a woodcutting hatchet which you have the required level to use in order to negotiate the vines in Brimhaven Dungeon. If players wish to melee these dragons, prayer potions are a must for killing them effectively(about 10-15 per inventory). It is, however, NOT recommended that players kill these dragons with melee unless all their melee stats are 75 or higher. Meleers should use the Protect from Melee prayer, because defence is practically useless against them as they are so strong. Even with prayer, it is recommended that players bring 2-3 pieces of high level food just in case. It is also a good idea to wear a ring of wealth.


Steel dragons can successfully be fought with all three Combat styles. The most efficient is Magic, abeit the high cost of using the runes to do so. Melee and Ranged are cheaper but yet somewhat slower alternatives.


The best place to kill Steel dragons (if you were assigned by Kuradal) is definitely Kuradal's Dungeon. However, if you aren't allowed to kill the ones in her dungeon there is also the Brimhaven Dungeon. Note, however, that there are also Iron dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon and they are aggressive. Once the aggressiveness of the Iron dragons has worn off, the Brimhaven Dungeon is also an excellent place to kill Steel dragons. Another location where Steel dragons are found is around the Fortress of Ghorrock, if you have progressed along The Temple at Senntisten quest far enough. However, getting there is much harder than getting to the Brimhaven Dungeon or Kuradal's Dungeon. Players must walk through the Wilderness in order to get to the Fortress of Ghorrock and you will most likely meet Revenants along the way. Alternatively, players with a Magic level of 96 or above are able to use the Ghorrock teleport in the Ancient Magicks spellbook to teleport to the Ice Plateau in the Wilderness. Player with 89 Magic and access to the lunar spellbook may use Ice Plateau Teleport which also leaves the player close to the fortress. Players who kill dragons here find few people and no revenants once inside the fortress' since it is not actually part of the Wilderness. The easiest way to get there if a player lacks the teleport spells is to use the Ardougne teleport lever. As mentioned before it is likely that you will encounter revenants, but they can be easily outrun. Please note that if you do encounter one it will most likely get in 1-3 hits before you can escape, so make sure you are prepared to take that damage.


Strategy on Brimhaven Dungeon

This is the best place to kill them if Kuradal never assigned steel dragons. Players should note that iron dragons, as mentioned above, are aggressive and might interrupt a player who is getting ready to mage or range a steel dragon. Melee users will also find it hard to get the iron dragons off their back. After the iron dragons are no longer aggressive, it is ok. There are 4 possible strategies to kill the dragons here. Each of them require a skill in a level.

Strategy 1 (Prayer+antifire)

Items to bring are:

Skills Needed:

Strategy Player turns on protect from melee, wields Antidragon/dragonfire shield and drinks antifire potion. This makes the player immune to the Dragons attacks. When prayer is low, drink a prayer potion. If the dragon uses dragonfire and you take damage, drink an antifire potion again. Once all potions are over, teleport away to Camelot. Restock on supplies, and withdraw 1355 coins(or 480 coins if Karamja Gloves 3 are equipped). Run to Catherby and Charter a boat to Brimhaven. Enter the dungeon and make your way to the dragons again. Note: Verac's set is recommended. This is the safest method.

Strategy 2 (Guthan's)

Items to bring are:

  • Full guthan's set (costs 5,700,000 coins)
  • An extra set of armour (or just extra weapon if you don't mind the cost of repairing your set more frequently)
  • Antidragon shield/dragonfire shield
  • Few pieces of food just in case something goes wrong.
  • Emergency teleport in case a player is in trouble
  • Hatchet (any level)

Skills needed:

Strategy Use your ordinary set or armour/weapon. When you are at about half health (or less if you wish to risk it), run out of the area. Go to an area with no dragons, but with wild dogs. Put your full Guthan's on and attack them; you should get hp healed. When you are at full health, switch back and carry on attacking the steel dragons. This is by far the most expensive method, but second easiest and very effective (second safest).

Strategy 3 (Magic method)

Items required:

  • Bones to peaches tablets(optional)
  • antidragon/dragonfire shield
  • Bones to peaches spell runes (many sets required for long stay) (if this is used, the tablets are not required) (the runes are 4 water, 4 earth, 2 nature)(must be bought from Mage Training Arena) (very costly and takes long to obtain)
  • Emergency teleport, few pieces of food.
  • Hatchet (any level)

Skills needed:

Strategy When player is low on health, run to wild dogs and kill them. When you have your remaining slots in your inventory filled with bones, cast the spell. Eat the peaches for food. Repeat. Note: using the spell runes is very expensive and difficult. The tablet is much more money-saving (but one costs 1316 coins, but still cheaper) and easier to use. Furthermore, it is the cheapest and easiest method to use. The tablets stack, meaning you can have a long trip. For players who are attacking with magic, this is recommended.

Strategy 4 (normal)

Items to bring:

  • Very good weapon
  • Very good armour that gives a high defensive bonus (if using melee)
  • For rangers and mages, use armour that boosts your damage (high range bonus, high magic bonus)
  • antidragon/dragonfire shield
  • Very good food (monkfish or better)
  • Camelot Teleport runes
  • 1355 coins
  • Hatchet (any level)

Skill requirements:

  • 45 Magic
  • Very high combat (100+ to be safe, 90+ if risky)

Strategy Attack and heal when needed. Teleport to Camelot when low on supplies, charter boat from Catherby to Brimhaven and enter the dungeon again. Repeat.

Useful for hunting Steel dragons


A player fighting with a Steel Dragon, in the Kuradal's Dungeon.
Using Melee to kill Steel dragons is probably the fastest and most efficient way of killing them. However, you will need to invest in Prayer potions, which can cost a lot.
Recommended levels
Attack: 80+
Strength: 85+(Strongly recommended)
Prayer: 43+ OR 71+(If you've completed The Temple at Senntisten quest)
Summoning: 40+

Melee could easily be the best way of killing Steel dragons. Using this method you will need to have the Protect from Melee Prayer on at all times when fighting with the dragons. Alternatively, players who have completed The Temple at Senntisten quest and have a Prayer level of 71 or above can use the Ancient Zarosian Curse - Deflect Melee, which is a lot more useful, while not draining much more of your prayer points. While Protecting from, or Deflecting Melee attacks and being under the effect of an Anti-fire potion, the dragons cannot hit you at all.

In order to preserve as many prayer points and Prayer potions as possible, you should wear armour that provides high prayer bonus. Armour such as Initiate or Proselyte armour would be an excellent choice. Alternatively, players who have not completed quests that are required for Initiate and Proselyte armour, can use Monk's robes which provide the same prayer bonus as Initiate armour while not requiring any quests. Higher-leveled players with a lot of money to spend should think about using Bandos armour as it provides a slight prayer bonus and +6 strength bonus. Players who do not wish to use a Ring of Wealth might want to use a Ferocious ring in Kuradal's Dungeon, as it inflicts +4 more damage for every hit above 0 that you deal. Also, a Berserker ring is an option.

The best choice of primary weaponry would be the Abyssal whip as it provides good attack and strength bonuses. Players who can make Super antifire potions may think about using a Godsword like the Saradomin godsword as a primary weapon as it's special attack restores health as well as prayer points. A good choice of secondary weaponry would be the Dragon dagger (p++) or Dragon mace. If you're more interested in fast kills rather than maximum experience points, the dragon dagger is the better option.

In your inventory you should have your secondary choice of weaponry, 4 or 5 Anti-fire (or Super anti-fire) potions, 3 or 4 Super attack (or Extreme attack) potions, 3 or 4 Super strength (or Extreme strength) potions and around 10 prayer potions. Players who have completed the Rum Deal quest should take a Holy wrench as it restores an additional 1-2 prayer points per prayer potion sip you drink. Using a Rune crossbow on long ranged then switching to a melee weapon is highly recommended to keep the away from the Irons in the Brimhaven Dungeon.

If you're using the Melee method, consider bringing a Beast of Burden familiar. It often happens that your inventory is too full to hold all the loot. This is a time when bringing a few Beast of Burden pouches becomes very useful. If you are bringing more than one pouch, make sure you also bring a Summoning potion or a Super Restore potion to restore your summoning points if you should run out. Alternatively, there is a small obelisk at the entrance of the metal dragon area.


Using the Ranged method to kill Steel Dragons is the most cost efficient method of killing Steel dragons. You're not paying a lot of money for prayer potions like with the Melee method. In fact the only money you spend goes into buying Anti-fire potions and bolts.

Recommended levels
Ranged: 75+(Recommended but 85 range speeds up the process a lot)
Slayer: 55+

When Ranging Steel dragons you should always be around 2-4 squares away from the dragon in order to avoid it using it's melee attack on you. Using this method, you need to be under the protection of the Anti-fire potion at all times as the dragon will only be using it's fire breath attack on you. Make sure the effect of the potion doesn't run out. When you see the warning message, drink a sip of the potion.

Use the best Ranged armour available to you. You need as much ranged attack bonus as possible. Dragonhide armour or better is recommended. If you are on a Slayer task and you are killing them in Kuradal's Dungeon, wearing a Ferocious ring will make you inflict +4 more damage for every hit you deal above 0. You could also wear an Archer ring or a Ring of Wealth.

It would be useful to have a Slayer level of 55 or above. After 55 Slayer you are able to use Broad-tipped bolts which are good, low cost bolts. If you don't have a Slayer level of 55 or above, you could alternatively use Mithril bolts, Emerald bolts (e) or better.

You should have around 12 Anti-fire potions in your inventory. If your Ranged level is low, you should also consider taking some Ranging potions.

Since you wont need much inventory space for the Ranged method, lack of inventory space is unlikely to occur. Therefore taking Beast of Burden familiars is optional. Use it to bring more supplies, make sure you have enough pouches and Summoning or Super restore potions to keep renewing the familiar.


If you are planning on using the Magic method to kill Steel dragons, you should know that it could be very expensive. This is primarily done for Magic experience.

Recommended levels
Magic: 35+

The method is very similar to the Ranging method. Stand 2-4 squares away from the dragon, drink a sip of Anti-fire potion when needed.

You should use the best Magic armour available to you. Mystic robes give a good magic bonus while being relatively cheap, which makes them a good choice for killing Steel dragons. If you are killing them in Kuradal's Dungeon, wearing a Ferocious ring will make you inflict +4 more damage for every hit you deal above 0. Using a Seers' ring or a Ring of Wealth is good too. If you are going to be using the Fire bolt spell, it would be useful to wear Chaos gauntlets.

Depending on the spell you will be using you should choose the right Staff to fit your needs. Using the Chaos gauntlets and casting the Fire bolt spell would probably be the most cost effective way. However, the more powerful spell you use, the more damage you will do, but also the more money it costs.

You should take around 16 Anti-fire potions with you. If you wish to inflict more damage, more often, you may want to think about bringing some Magic (or Extreme magic) potions.

Since, like with the Ranging method, you will have free inventory space, taking a Beast of Burden familiar is not necessary.


100% Drops



Ammo and Runes


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


13 - 21%

28 - 38%

10 - 18%

3 - 8%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 235 kills.
3 charms are dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)



  • As with all dungeon monsters, Steel dragons that are purchased and placed in dungeons do not drop items when they die. However, the dragon's dragonfire can still be used to charge the Dragonfire shield, making the dragon a highly desired guardian.
  • The steel dragon's max with its dragonfire when used against an unprotected player is 49. The dragon seems to hit higher more often when using its ranged dragonfire attack.
  • Steel dragons can break a cannon so it is highly recommended to not bring one.
  • Leech Ranged does not work against Steel dragons, implying that they do not possess a Ranged level. This may be because they do not use any Ranged attacks, as dragon fire is not considered ranged. The same can be said for Bronze and Iron dragons. Mithril Dragons use Range, but it is unconfirmed if Leech Ranged affects them.

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