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Steel bar

A Steel bar is a bar of steel. It can be created through the Smithing skill at level 30 by using an iron ore and 2 pieces of coal on a furnace, granting 17.5 Smithing experience, or by using the magic spell Superheat Item.

A steel bar can be forged on an anvil to create steel weapons and armour, granting 37.5 Smithing experience per bar used. A list of steel items that can be smithed from steel bars and the Smithing levels required can be found here.

Steel bars are also used in construction, and some players will buy them for up to 1,000 coins each, especially outside the portals to player-owned houses. Using a steel bar in Construction grants 20 experience per bar.

Players who own a dwarf multicannon will also need steel bars (along with an ammo mould in the inventory) to make cannonballs, which are tradeable and thus can be bought also for around 300 coins. Use a steel bar on a furnace to make four cannonballs per steel bar, giving 25.6 smithing xp per bar.

Steel bars are a very good f2p money-making method, as one Steel bar is worth more than the raw materials together, buying them at the Grand Exchange and Smelting Steel bars. The method's profit make it a good way to train free-to-play smithing of level 30+.

Players commonly use steel bars to train the Smithing skill, despite being able to smith mithril bars or better, because it has the optimum traits of requiring only three ores, and gives a decent amount of experience. However, those looking for experience should smelt silver bars as silver bars only need one ore, so a whole inventory of silver ore will give you 380 exp when smelted, while an whole inventory of the steel bar ingredients (1 iron ore, 2 coal) only gives you 157.5 experience. This is easily cancelled out though by the fact you can smith steel bars and you can't smith silver bars.

Steel bars are also the tertiary ingredient in infusing Steel minotaur pouches.

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