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Steal Gil, also known as Pilfer Gil, or Hold-up, is a recurring ability in the series. It is often used in conjunction with the Steal command, and allows the user to steal Gil as well as Items.



Final Fantasy VII

Hold-up is an ability available to the Bandit. After casting the ability, he steals exactly 340 gil, and if left to live long enough, he will Escape on one of his succeeding turns.


Final Fantasy IX

Steal Gil is an ability exclusive to Zidane. It is learned for 40 AP from the Glass Armlet and Yellow Scarf.

Final Fantasy X

Pilfer Gil and Nab Gil are abilities exclusive to the International and PAL versions, and allow the user to steal gil from the enemy. Nab Gil is similar to the ability Mug as it allows the user to inflict damage while stealing gil.

Final Fantasy X-2

Pilfer Gil is an ability exclusive to the Thief Dressphere, and requires 30 AP to master and costs 2 MP to use. Nab Gil can only be accessed by equipping the Garment Grid Horn of Plenty.

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