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Computer Generation of Staunton Island
Bedford Point

Staunton Island is an island of Liberty City, as seen in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Considered to be based on Manhattan, it includes landmarks based on the real landmarks of Manhattan. Commerce is plentiful and weapons can be acquired from two different stores: one selling regular weapons, and the other selling militia-style or army-type weapons.

Staunton Island is also, up until 1998, the home of at least two Mafia families: the Sindaccos and the Forellis. Staunton Island has its very own Yakuza-owned casino, which unfortunately, cannot be entered.



Staunton Island is based off of real life Manhattan, consisting of a high-rise downtown in the southern part, a high-rise Midtown in the Center and a much smaller skyline in the northern part or more of the Uptown. Staunton Island is home to 8 districts.


Downtown Districts

South of the Callahan Bridge are the districts of Torrington and Bedford Point. Both are home to Staunton Island's massive skyscrapers and aimed at modeling of what is a mixture of Downtown and Midtown Manhattan today.

Torrington: At the southeast corner of the Island is Torrington, which is aimed at being more like Manhattan's Financial Center. Torrington is home to landmarks like City Hall, the Yakuza-run Kenji's Casino and an FBI office.

Bedford Point: Being a district also filled with financial high-rises, Bedford Point is located in the southeast part of Staunton Island and is the location of a Times Square like intersection just south of the main boulevard that leads to the Callahan Bridge. Bedford Point is home to the LCFR Studio, the city Cathedral, City Courthouse, and the Liberty Tree Offices. Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop (Liberty City Stories) is located between Bedford Point and Torrington

Midtown Districts

In the middle of Staunton Island is the districts of Belleville Park and Newport. A more moderate skyline compared to that of it's roaring neighbors of Torrington and Bedford Point in Downtown, Midtown Staunton is home to several of Staunton's landmarks.

Belleville Park: At the heart of Staunton Island is Belleville Park (Central Park) which is located on the main boulevard across from the Courthouse. As well as Belleville Park itself, the district is home to some of Liberty City's most luxurious and expensive hotels, which lies in between the park and the river between Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island.

Newport: The location of the Liberty City Shopping Mall, Staunton Island's Ammu-Nation, Staunton Island's Pay 'n' Spray and a marina for small boats, the district of Newport is directly north of Torrington and the Callahan Bridge and East of Belleville Park. Newport is home to the Staunton Island Safehouse in Liberty City Stories as well. Note that this is Uptown Yardies turf.

Uptown Districts

Composed of Aspatria, Rockford, Liberty Campus, and Fort Staunton, Staunton Island's more 'uptownish' area is comprised of mostly apartments.

Fort Staunton: Location of more of a residential area and a small park, Fort Staunton gets mostly blown up in Liberty City Stories. In GTA III, it has numerous construction sites all over the district, which are backed by the Panlantic Construction Company

Rockford: Home to Carson General Hospital, the entrance to the Porter Tunnel and the Staunton Ferry Terminal (LC Stories), Rockford is the northernmost district in Staunton Island and home to some shops and buildings.

Liberty Campus: Stuck inside a 2 by 1 street grid, Liberty Campus is only composed of Liberty City Community College (Columbia University).

Aspatria: The location of the Liberty City Memorial Stadium, some shops and buildings, and a scenic path along the shoreline, Aspatria is located north of the Shoreside Lift Bridge.

Places of Interest

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