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The Station Commander's Office was a room adjacent to the operations center on Deep Space 9. Similar to ready rooms found on starships, the area served as an office for the commanding officer of the station.

The Cardassians placed the office so that those working in ops would have to look up with respect towards the office. There were two entrances to the office, one that opened into the operations center, as well as another side entrance that allowed people access to the office without requiring them to walk through the operations center.

When the Cardassian Union was in control of the station - then known as Terok Nor, the area was known as the Prefect's Office, and served as an office for the prefect of Bajor.

Upon assuming command of the station, Commander Benjamin Sisko took over the office. He placed a baseball on his desk. He would also place a model of a Daedalus class starship in his office, as well as a clock he had built while under the influence of a Saltah'na telepathic artifact. (DS9 episode: "Dramatis Personae")

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